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My current synopsis of the Wynn Resorts stock chart - WYNN.

Ideally we get a parabolic breakout to play both long and short. I like the increased range. If this was a lower priced stock I would suggest that it looks primed to squeeze shorts who chased the recent selloff. These kind of moves can be pretty powerful. Notice the 2nd 'trend' was steeper than the 1st trend. Well the 3rd 'trend' can almost be straight up IF panic buying sets in, both from retail investors chasing it up and shorts forced to take their loss.

Create a plan of action before you trade. Pick your risk tolerance before entering and be prepared to sell on the way up as it could be fierce and quick. Good Luck if you play! I will cover this in my trading room if the trade is there for us.

Blaine Tarr
WYNN through 220 here. Alerted my buy 218's (off the 10:30 dip) in my trading room this morning. Shaping up well for the breakout and push next week.

Blaine Tarr said: ↑
Breaking out over 226 here.
232's up, nice swing trade.

Been awhile since I've traded WYNN. Putting it back on watch now. Ideally the bottom was in Mid-December and the recent 'higher-low' is the signal buyers are stepping back in. I'm long biased through 155 for a push back into the 170/190 range it stuck in Sept-Nov. That last breakdown below 170 may have been the shake out and now ready to bounce.

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