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Does anyone know of a way to scan industries?
I have asked around for about a month and no one knows of a way.
I am using stockcharts.
I want to scan all industries... after I find a industy I like from the scan... find a stock in that industry I like the chart on.
Thanks in advance

I use several pay services that give me top and bottom Industries and Sectors. My on line brokerage also gives me the same info. but in a less informative way.

Investors Business Daily and VectorVest, both of which I use, have that information in them. I am not saying you have to use them but they are quick sources for that type of information. Stockcharts also has the Market Summary section which has some of that in there. I pay for that also and I am not sure if hey offer that for free.

ETF's are a good source for scanning the Industry and Sectors.

I hope that helps.

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