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XGTI long at .56 on high volume and news. Perceived support and exit at mid .40's or upon sign of weakness in volume and/or price.

Most of my experience has been with option strategies. However I am allocating part of my account to small/mid cap price action plays. I did very well with these when I first started trading and I kind of missed ferreting these out and taking my shots. So I'm giving it another go. We'll see.

Pulled back on news of share offering....out at .48.
My position was small so I was able to hold out for a few hours to see if it would pick up any but looks like the wind is gone from the sails on this one.

You trade PTBI today?

Why do I feel like whoever is behind this one isn't done yet. They got everyone's attention for a quarter? The story seems good enough and something moved it, I can't see it popping and fizzling so fast and then that's it. I saw people posting about PBTI on GENE's page in Stocktwits. I thought about allocating some money strictly to cheap biotech, but then I remembered I don't have any yet.

No on PTBI....almost went in yesterday After Mkt when it was at 4.20 then this morning it didn't really look like anything until after 10. Somehow I convinced myself that it would probably turn around as soon as I got in and how much more could it go right?

I probably should have seen that once it broke 5 that would be a good entry but was pretty busy at the time getting stuff done and missed it. oh well

However my options in FXI came around today and ONVO is looking good so wasn't all bad.