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Woman are nothing more than sex toys, inspiration, and a holder for man's children. Sadly, feminists continue to embarrass themselves in mass media, do primarily to a lack of logical reasoning. It's this lack of logical reasoning, along with male detain, that lead to the proliferation of Womens Studies across the U.S.. educational system (it's like ISIS...a bunch of idiots grouped together fighting an idiotic cause). Women's Studies is arguably not a science (it's even a sad excuse for a discipline, but it's certainly not a science). It is, however, another poor attempt at “social science” that attempts to brainwash people with low IQ's.

Look at Beyonce, she's a feminist.........right? She certainly proclaims to be, so I'll take her word.......correct? However, what has she done for women's rights? All that I know of her, as well as your average human, is that she goes up on stage and bounces her ass like she's riding a man's cock while singing an average, but well rehearsed, melody. As a guy this pleases me greatly, as she's just another uneducated slut obeying man. Basically, she's a porn star with a small bit of talent! This is what girls do though...this is what they where born to do, it's nature (you can argue with Darwin after you're dead).

I'm all for man and women equivalence, but if all you can muster up is Womens' Studies, Beyonce and a few poorly written scientific studies, than I can't take you seriously. Again...look at the science...it's just not there.

benMak wrote:

Woman are nothing more than sex toys,

I'm all for man and women equivalence


as long as you understand than men are nothing more than sex toys

Yawn..this is like a female wearing a t-shirt that reads "classy lady" and criticizing she's not classy.....actually , you're statement is of a person who is extremely shallow. Do you think Beyonc? exemplifies all women? Ignorant, silly, shallow and most importantly sad...

Your concentration on "Women's Studies" misses the big picture.

1. Women graduate college at higher rates than men.
2. Women own one-third of all wealth in the US; given their late start, that's quite an accomplishment.
3. Women have been winning increasingly in politics.
4. Women have become CEO's of some of the biggest companies in the US.

What have "you" accomplished other than to denigrate women?

@cicerone imposter,
He can rotate his head whilst making a buzzy noise.

@cicerone imposter,
Imagine his/her success as a mate! ....or a father/mother.

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Hi ehBeth, thanks for replying!

Wait, you must be joking.....men as sex toys. How do I get to this strange world? Hold on just a sec.....is this like that weird Islam virgins upon death deal?

Ahhh who cares, it sounds like a utopia...please sign me up.

Errr, wait a sec. Who am I kidding? Unfortunately sexual selection, the way we've evolved, and the whole basis for our existence is playing with a different deck of cards. It would be nice, but no, nature didn't play out this way.