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Sales* 1.48 Bil Income* 110.79 Mil Sales Growth* +8.20%Income Growth* +15.30%Net Profit Margin 7.47% Debt/Equity Ratio 0.03

Looking at PIR, Cramer was a big fan when they posted incredible numbers as seen above. I bought in today at $13.75 hoping that they'd continue to ride these incredible numbers, low debt, and high amount of holiday sales to new 52 week high's. Morning looked very positive when market opened high, but that soon died off. Shortly after, I read this article regarding PIR on Motley fool which has frankly - very poor reviews by its readers. What do you guys think? Did I get in too high? Long term?:withstupid:

Investor sentiment
The stock has a one-star rating out of five at Motley Fool CAPS, with 246 members out of 556 rating the stock outperform and 310 members rating it underperform. Among 161 CAPS All-Star picks (recommendations by the highest-ranked CAPS members), 47 give Pier 1 Imports a green thumbs-up, and 114 give it a red thumbs-down.

It looks like a decent enough chart to me. It is volatile though so you will have to have a strong stomach to ride it out long term. Fundamentals are reasonable. I would be more comfortable if you had gotten in at the $13-13.25 range but it is what it is.

I don't know what your risk tolerance is but you need to set a stop on this one. I would suggest somewhere in the $12 range -- perhaps a tad less but around there anyway.

Good luck.

Looks good to me too. It made a couple attempts for 14, and seems about to break it. Nice uptrend which could continue above that. Stop just under 12 sounds good too as Probe says. Traders love them round numbers and I'm sure there must be buyers there. Watch out for momentum reversal and get out if it looks like it's dropping off the cliff.

What's your target here? Looks like it could hit 15, maybe 16 if 14 is broken. It could do 20 about 6 months out, but fundamentals have to be good.

Btw, take Cramer -- or any other sort of similar service -- with a grain of salt and do your own research at all times. What's the reasoning for the poor ratings on Motley? Might want to look into that.

Sold today for 13.77, 2c per share profit. I am still under new account with ETrade so trades are still free. I agree, I bought this way too high. I expect this stock to fluctuate quite a bit, and I think I can pick it up cheaper and see better gains. I'm thinking it can really break out, but it also can hit a wall if it hits 12.99 and plummet back down to 12. I set a stop on it at 12.90 earlier today. Thanks for your advice. Fundamentals are sound though. I need to better understand and read about why Motley investors are negative on it, though.

Why did you sell? If it's poised to break through 14, then you got in right under it and price doesn't matter. Would the trade have been proven wrong anywhere below 13.77?

It would have been better to buy on yesterday's dip, sure. But if your initial hypothesis was to break 14 with a realized loss at 12.9, then you acted on emotion for this one since neither condition was met. That is, of course, unless your experience or analysis said that underlying conditions had changed so that the trade shifted to something else (which I doubt was the case, no offence intended).

Do me a favor and turn on your demo platform. Buy your virtual quantity at the market, then set a stop at 12.9. Sit back and watch what happens.