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I asked this question on the tdcp 3D Icon thread but did not get an answer.

I went to stockcharts.com to the P&F chart for tdcp and it shows a preliminary revised price objective of $2.38 with a reversal at .63 What I don't understand it says, "A Double Top Breakout on 3 July 2007." I don't see that on the candlestick chart so it must apply only to the P&F chart. Since the P&F is not time-based it must be something else. It is easy to see the triple bottom in 2004-05 and the double bottom in 2006-07. But I still don't see the double top.

How valuable are P&Fs for technical analysis? Seems you get a lot of data covering a long time span in a condensed form. Does anyone use these and what value are they?

I think stockcharts is wrong on the Double Top Breakout on 3 July 2007.

I guess I answered my own question that P&F charts aren't used very much and are only good for the showing breakouts and breakdowns.

I think P&F charts show major and minor breaks in trends without reference to time.
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P&F charts are good for identifying trends, but their big disadvantage is that they cannot plot volume.

And you are right, they are not used so much. I think that most used chart type is candlestick.

you may get PF charts with volume profile at

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