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don't know how long it will take him to getting around to starting a thread for us so am bringing my absolute favorite ripple photo here for all to see.... reduced the resolution for the following so you all can see it without having to to use scroll...

second most favorite that was made just for me and if any take it then i'll be coming through your computer to strangle you!!!!!!! (j/k)

3rd most favorite - better when larger but bird is actually looking right at him which is very cool

Not sure if all members appreciate max res but that/my seagull pic ( I have about 200 in that serious) is best viewed, at max res!!

I DO NOT EDIT any of my photos in ANY way!
What i shoot, is what you see!!!

I would like to post a fav of mine first.

Nikon D70 300mm lens,
Bear is about 12ft away from the lens

In my opinion, this is the best picture i have ever shot. ( Not sure why but i love this photo.)

This is taken from inside a war bunker, looking out an opening in the wall, to a tunnel.

Graffiti on the wall, covered by new paint. ( Graffiti SUCKS!!!!)

The tunnel from outside.

Dum spiro spero

Congrats ripple fantastic photos… work of art…

Many moon ago (gee I am old) I used to take photo as a beginner…..
On time off we used to go into the wood to immortalized the nature…. I used the cannon A1 with zoom etc…
I still got a roflex from the 50’ bought it from a professional journalist/photographer… now a nice piece of antique
(like me):D:D

Keep them coming….
see you here

I will adjust pics to 1280 x 960 and see if it helps.
(Its that or buy everyone a new wide screen monitor.)

Hamming it up for the camera.

Dum spiro spero