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You know the drill: you come across some neat words, but where in the heck do you use them...It is like a really damn good gender joke, racist joke, or religious joke, I mean even if you are anti of it, you secretly say to yourself, "Out of the zillion blonde jokes, this is just damn funny and a original joke--BUT I DON'T DARE ADMIT IT, OR LET IT OUT OF MY BRAIN!!" A good religious joke oft times makes me hope and pray I sneaked my enjoyment by gawd., 'because s/he will surely nail me with a bad case of the Big C, MS, Md, or some horrible, unpronounceable disease that has of yet not been named for a celebrity who spent many hellish years dying from, yipes (Yipes, is the opposite of Booyah)

There are words that are so spot on, yet I cannot use them, for who would understand them, though the concept would surely be understood

Here are 3 neat words I picked up reading this week you will understand the meaning:

I got to thinking surely there must be a way to buy Widgets, and there is, you buy Widgets with Quatloos surely...

Seemed like this past week is shaping up as being a fascinating year for me to do a little Meme Making, so:

Keith Olbermann will sign on with his nemesis FOX news (Hey, hey, remember this is television where loyalty is this based...
Rush Limbaugh will sign on with MSNBC for the 8 pm slot, as well as be a consultant for the NEW MSNBC, now that Comstat does not need a Lost Leader for juicy government contracts, as did GE...(Rush's contract will make gawd's eyes almost pop out)...What better way for FOX to counter this move than have Olbermann move to FOX?...
Jim Cramer will leave CNBC to join the Obama Administration, so Master Cramer can tout for the general public how well the economy is improving...An unnamed source in the Obama administration said Obama bought the notion his boring administration needed a "water bug on speed" to jazz up just how well the economy is now doing...
Feel free to spread and embellish these Memes...

Been reading Brian Greene's Fabric of the Cosmos, and "now" is fascinating: if space evaders zap away our sun, we would not know about it for 7 minutes (how long it takes the sun light to reach us); the moon, a few seconds; and the photons from your monitor's screen, nano seconds...Thus, with how long it then takes our brain to process this data, we are forever locked into living in the past...

High speed trading is as close in the Rreal World we can get to using "now" in a day-to-day sense

One final point is I realized a telescope is another version of a microscope...What we see in the night sky, regardless the sophistication and power of the telescope, we can only see clearer and clearer history...

Here is something to give you an Awe Moment for your Birthday Moment: take the date you were born, go to Google each year and find a star that many light years away...go out out on your DOB, find that star, and consider this: the light of the star you are seeing, left that star the day and even moment (if you know the time of your DOB) you were born, to me, this is a truly Wow Moment...

Incidentally, you only have one birthday--what you have on your birthday is an Anniversary...

Peace, KNOWINGLY spread a meme, and enjoy with me the week ahead, our times are fascinating, a true Gift from Gawd, who has a sense for the existential joke...

My take on Keith is he must be a real jerk off the camera as well...Politics is one thing, but being a jerk off camera turns me off...Compare him to another ego Rush Limbaugh or Master Cramer, whom I have never picked up on as being jerks to the minions who do the grunt work for their on-mike work, for if I did, good bye, I have no use for you

Hi, Yes, I heard the ad on CNBC on SiriusXM, so I thought I would try it, plus for an added $1 I could get his stock picks for 30 days.
So far I received the book and DVD and no emails at all. but I did get a call wanting to sign me up for $6000 minimum fee for their help. I told him I was bust call be back on Monday, then over the weekend I call and left him a letter not to bother calling because I was not interested. Just another SCAM!


Exactly right, I can't understand how humility can disappear from a person's brain when they get famous. If I was a celebrity, I would never turn anyone down for an autograph, scream at them like Christian Bale or throw phones at people like Russel Crowe.

It is one thing having a melt down, and quite another thing when you have a reputation being a constant jerk to those who make it possible for you to make millions

I suspect fan worship would get old fast, but your worker bees are not fans, and when I constantly see this in print from all types of publications, it is good-bye for me

Life is to freaking short to waste on jerks

I find it amazing why FOX or any other network outlet would buy into guaranteed trouble that follows Keith, never mind his politics