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If you have been ripped off by this individual, Kenneth Thom, please PM me. I have been victimized by him as have at least 2 other forum members that I have had contact with. I have initiated a civil action against him and this morning am meeting with the Special Prosecutions Unit of the District Attorney of New York County to present evidence I believe will result in a criminal prosecution.
If you have a potential case I would be happy to provide you with the details of mine. I had a private investigator do a full background check on him and can save you that expense, It includes his current and former addresses, employment history etc. Also I have archived copies of his Blogs, and the entire contents of his now deleted website.
If you are planning on doing any business with this individual I urge you to do a FINRA Broker Check on him.

damn. it was obvious he was peddling for business, but i wouldnt have expected him to be a con.

i'm surprised you would have requested any service from him aiki, although he did have a streak about his predictions.......

i hope you get your justice. good luck.

Wow, I never cared for the individual but gave him the benefit of the doubt because you had seen him in person. Just goes to show how good some of the Wall Street con men really are. Sorry to hear you got taken for a ride Jim.

Thanks for the support Freak, X.

Update on the situation:

I filed a complaint with the New York County DA, if anyone wishes to do the same you can reference the following:

Send any supporting documents to:
New York County District Attorney's Office
Special Prosecutions Bureau
1 Hogan place
NY, NY 10013

You can call and speak to them at
(212) 335 8900
or Fax the Documents to:
(212) 335 8914

Please be sure to reference
Complaint #23255

Wow, thanks Aiki for bringing this to the front. I haven't been around in awhile, been busy with school and work and all but I can't believe it. I know what he did to Racingsk and that was not cool and I think Agent is in the same predicament. I think you def will have some support there. There are some others too I assume.