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Stay calm and passive for the first 48 hours, remembering the confusion of the Facebook IPO, but this will be worse, much worse
The Decision will be as messy as the killing floor in the slaughterhouse
Regardless, the outcome, President Obtuse will over-ride any part he dislikes with Executive Orders, because he has learned neither Congress nor the Supreme Court will reign him in

Misc. Brain Flatulence on the upcoming week:
Europe and China, SOS for another week
Job Data, SOS until companies know what to expect in January--This is the key to relating the Supreme Court Obama-Care Decision to investing, though there will be Dead Cat bounces up for some companies and down for others until Reality settles in

iewpoints of a Conservative:

We now enter Phase 2 of this Washington, D.C., royal mess
This phase ends Sunday after the Sunday news shows and the N.Y. Times sets the stage for November

Phase 3 begins this Monday, so be prepared for what President Obtuse will shove down us knowing the Supreme Court will support his actions
We will be at least 2 more trillion dollars in debt by the elections with NO one reigning in this president

Monitor for specifics from the Republicans, particularly from Romney, because we must be on high alert for "John Roberts" running as Conservatives only to ditch us after the November elections--accept specifics, NOT fuzzy BS to get elected and then turn on us -- These tricksters know not to be open about this as John McCain was

Phase 4will be the election season after Labor Day, which until then, makes real polls useless

Phase 5 will be the Obama Revenge if he is NOT reelected in Nov, which we have no protection from if we elect gutless wonders to assume power in January

In sum: till the November election remain calm and do all you can to get at least one other person to be sure to vote
Our only power is in the aggregate of our votes adding up -- DO NOT LET THIS SCUM BE WINNING THIS TIME NEXT YEAR -- Keep this in mind: DO NOT GIVE IN! We can do a root canal on Washington

Again beware of "John Roberts" hiding candidates -- The best we can do is require specifics and then pray they don't win to become gutless

Pitch forks... The so called bought and paid for supreme court must be re called by a nation wide petition by the broke ass working class against more TAXES . The continued busting of the US citizens must end. The elite scum stole enough from the people. Repeal obama care? Repeal the FED reserve while you at it. The Government has moved forward by being the biggest crime syndicate in US history. now were stuck with that ass holes name the rest of your life, Barry bull shitter. Obama mama and his chimp for a douche bag old lady. Makes me fuccin sick to my guts. That dude is one lying no good two faced piece of shit.

How in the hell can the US people sit around and watch these mother fuccers destroy our country and your RIGHTS? More wars? health care education and food stamps? no jobs? phony numbers in housing starts and production? manufacturing? bankrupting our country? The dollar myth and the constant counterfeiting of the worthless dollar? How much shit are people going to take? you lose your money every where you turn by being taxed to death.

Zombies looking for a free ride, socialism, marxism, the barrel of a gun in your face? Tsa, fema, home land security? the myth offed on the stupid fucs that WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for the US debt run up by the Crooked mother fuccers in D.C. ??? Soros? Obama? the asshole Fed crooked bank? the Bilderberg Group? Devils Island? Rockerfellar? and other corrupt control freaks? blowing money over seas has the blood of our sons and daughters grease the god dam wheels of the fuccin war machine? Destruction of life and property in the middle east? all over control of black slop, oil ???

The chickin shit mother fuccers that hide and plot death? war and profit? more money made killing folks one at a time? NATO, Drones? Pentagon? the number one polluter on earth? has the hit list grows, and still the people turn a blind eye to fight for your freedom and Liberty. You let the trouble makers make laws against our own citizens. The ELITE ASSHOLES cause all of the grief in the world for money and power. Well guess what a Hell awaits for them to burn for eternity. No mandates. who in the fuc says the assholes in DC can mandate any god dam thing they want? is this Nazi fuccin Germany all over again. You chicken shit mother fuccers better wake the hell up, put down your Iphone and Ipad and start learning how to fight for your freedom. Born too late? you have no metal, no leaders and no guts. Pathetic.

urvivor - I am not at all surprised by this SCOTUS decision. After all, why would anyone expect and unelected, unnaccountable, panel of 9 former lawyers with lifetime terms to liimit state power? Until we return power to the states and increase competition among governments we will continue to see the slow (and accelerating) expansion of Federal power consume and devour our liberties.

A start would be to repeal the 17th Amendment which changed the way Senators are elected from by state legislatures to instead by popular vote. Now, states have no seat at the Federal table. State rights will continue to be usurped by the Feds and more and more local representation will be overtaken and diluted by Federal and ultimately global power.

BTW, do you have private messages turned off? Got a question for you.

3-things to take from this decision to the next high profile court case:

The press tends to lump 2 or more cases under one heading, e.g., the Arizona Immigration, so understand ALL the cases being decided, as well as understand what cases are involved
Oral Arguments are for public show, i.e., as a citizen/investor pay NO attention to them, it is noise...Understand the 4 liberal and 4 conservative judges already know how they will vote with one judge willing to go either way, BUT YOU CAN ASSUME IT WILL NOT BE THE LIBERAL SIDE, because they do NOT practice this "reaching across the aisle" crap
In Dictum by a judge is the framing of a decision:
Latin for "remark", a comment by a judge in a decision or ruling which is not required to reach the decision, but may state a related legal principle as the judge understands it. While it may be cited in legal argument, it does not have the full force of a precedent (previous court decisions or interpretations) since the comment was not part of the legal basis for judgment. The standard counter argument is: "it is only dictum (or dicta)
Ergo, Roberts "passed" a tax, and what he said about "mandates" is his framing of his Decision--more noise:
"If an individual does not maintain health insurance, the only consequence is that he must make an additional payment to the IRS when he pays his taxes," Roberts writes. He adds that this means "the mandate is not a legal command to buy insurance. Rather, it makes going without insurance just another thing the government taxes, like buying gasoline or earning an income." (Reference)

Bonus Notes:

What is Scotus?the acronym for the Supreme Court of the United States
The reaction to Robert's Decision next term will make him dangerous if he feels threaten the American people fail to appreciate his wonderfulness, because, as with Obama, Roberts could be prone to double down and then double down some more on making weird Decisions; thus, next term's court could be even more dangerous...Sadly, we have to give a damn when Narcissistic People of Washington, D.C., feel unappreciated--they will NOT go away