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Hi guys,

So? I am thinking more concrete about my first trades and have shortlisted some stocks. I try to analyze it and explain to you why I like to buy these shares and also where I see risks.

I would like to ask you about your opinion and if you think the reasoning is good enough. Thanks in advance.

HPQ 32.11 (+0.56)

High EPS

Decreasing short term debt in the past two years

Currently in an 1Y low area

High Volume

(Pays out Dividend)

SNE 30.56 (+0.66)

Continuously increasing Profits the last years

On the rise for the past 6 months, I don?t see any resistance

Here it is also more like gut feeling (I think that actually this might be a bad indicator)

PBR 7.75 (+0.21)

Good EPS

Rise the past 1 month with a support level at 7.60

Very high volume

What do you think? Any comments?


You wanna swing these? And if so, for about how long? I only ask because the time frame is important as to what you'll look for when you pick a stock.

Yes, swing was my idea. I think that HPQ would be even possible to trade longer.

SNE I wanna hold until $34/35, I am a bit afraid of the resistance at $36, with a stop loss of $28.

PBR Hold until $10, same argument as above I see the resistance at around $11, stop loss at $7.

HPQ as said above I am unsure if wanna swing or long trade it. I currently dont see any reason that the stock would drop below $31 and there is a lot of room above with no clear resistance.

Btw, these are my views with very limited knowledge. Please correct me if I am wrong!

HPQ might be an interesting play as it is beat down and on a bounce...but the volatility is not that great.
SNE looks like a short to me....it basically tracks the S/P most of the time and is at a 4 year high....makes me wonder if it's not just tracking the China stock market the way it's been gapping up.
PBR is just an oil play only with much more corruption. I'd rather play USO and avoid all that.

When looking at fundamentals one might consider that everyone is watching the same movie and everything they know might already be figured into the price.

I cant tell you whether they are good or bad, and everybody has limited knowledge in one aspect or another, but I do think I can help you get on the right track a little. I don't keep up with any of these tickers and everyone will probably have a different way to look at this, but here's mine.

PBR, is an oil play. Look at any other oil related security and they'll all have a similar chart pattern. If you wanna make an oil play, I haven't really dug too deep on PBR, but I guess it's probably about as good as anything else for the short term. Longer, I'd just grab an ETF.

SNE, was just downgraded pretty hard. Doesn't mean a whole lot, but if your only looking to have it about a month things like that can reduce buying pressure. And, that chart is pretty damn steep this month, why the hell is it so steep? I would want to know why before I bought. Could be a quick short before a more longer term position. Technology sector has been on the up, don't know if it'll hold, but it has been up. I would also want to know what Sony's big sells are(like the PlayStation) and then check those compared to competitors.
But if you just wanna swing it, none of that matters. But if I was looking to buy Sony, I would be real concerned over that chart. I would want it to consolidate a bit because it may reverse. .