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Every forum I've ever been a member of has a "Report" or "Flag" button where you can mark other people's posts as inappropriate. But this is the first forum I've seen where you can report your own post.

Has anybody else here noticed that you can report your own post? If so, you have good observation skills.

Has anybody else here actually reported one of their own posts? If so, you should probably seek professional help. :p

You only have a few minutes where you can edit or delete your own posts, and if the time has come and gone, you simply report the problem post and when a moderator sees that you wish to have it deleted or edited, it will be done for you. Reporting posts does not affect reputation or anything else, although I am told that the NSA keeps all the data from reported posts in a huge building hidden in a mountain somewhere.

That's informational. Thanks, Thierry. Then this would be the first forum I've been a member of where members don't have the power to edit or delete their own posts any time they choose. Lol... you should have a FAQ section to explain stuff like this.. or maybe I should wait to start drinking until after I've logged off of the forums.