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SID is this weeks best stock pick. 3.3 years of being in a down trend and SID is showing signs of reversing the trend. 4.34 area is around 2008 bottom and after reclaiming it in October 2013 and running nearly 30% before being flushed back down, it looks like this recent re-emergence above the line is the real deal. The flush in itself wasn't panicky: notice the smooth drop and recovery. 4.27 area is a good
stop and guess what? This stock has already reported so that's one less thing to worry about.

This is a cheap stock which means if it drops it will equal large losses so for this, getting an Options contract is probably the better idea. Normally this article would be written before getting into position but due to the production of several free educational videos we'll just throw this in the "once in a blue moon" basket.

Besides, the market is trying to decide which direction it wants to continue so Call options will keep me sane through all the chop. Speaking of the market... (the rest of the article and other educational material is on the free section of the website)


SID was last week's best stock pick. Although the price is not yet near the stop of 4.27 the chart does looks gloomier as of today; however, this trade is planned out and the loss is acceptable so with that all I have to say is, if it stops me out then it stops me out--next trade! That's how winning in the long term is done.

The next trade and this week's best stock pick is HRB (which I will buy at Friday's open since I have plans). As you can see on the weekly chart above, HRB has been climbing since 2012 and consolidated sideways for 1.2 years before breaking into fresh new highs. This week we see a successful retest of the 32.29 area and we also see a buy signal per the free video above.

I like this trade because it's less than 5% risk as far as where I'd like to put my stop and the average daily volume is adequate enough that I don't worry about my order not getting filled on time. In addition there's an upcoming catalyst soon (earnings). For many, holding through earnings (or overnight) is unthinkable but for me the losses are acceptable and I can sleep soundly at night. It's all about asset allocation which you can learn through the course.