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Hi every one ,i need some urgent help with trading law's in US
I leave at the Middle East and it is very hard to me to find info
That's the story :
On July 10 2014 I asked my broker to buy for me shears SPCB At Nasdaq, I asked to pay not more then 9.4$ limit price .
My account got 2000 shears and & charged 18,800$ +broker commission 60$.
Looking at Nasdaq report for this day I found out the the deal was on 9.22 $ and not 9.4. $
Is that legal ?
Can the broker pot in his pocket 360 $ or he have to give it on market price ?
I need to know what is the law , and where can I read it on the net

1. You just said you asked your broker to "buy shares". Did you specifically tell him to buy 2000 shares?

2. Does your confirmation slip say your shares were bought at $9.22 or at $9.40? Cause if you were charged $18800 total then it sounds like your shares were purchased at the $9.40 per share price. So the proper question would then be, "Why didn't your broker buy your shares when the price was at $9.22 per share?"

3. I also wonder how it was even possible for your broker to buy shares at $9.40 per share on July 10th when the daily high was only $9.32 per share.

At this point, your broker is the first one you should be asking questions of, not strangers on a forum.