View Full Version : "Duck Dynasty," Shilling, and "Blizzard News"

I have learned with "Mad Money" to beware of good stories
One of the best investment strategies is walking away, or at least, let XYZ settle down

With news, I am now very good at spotting the "Blizzard News" for the week: this is the story the 24/7 "news" gangs, talking/screaming heads, and others who need my eye-balls once would pull me into caring
These groups swoop in and stay as long as the story lasts, or a better "Blizzard News" story can be constructed

This past week this feasting was on a TV series I have never watched, "Duck Dynasty"
Here is the hot skinny on this non-news story
Note, the Target story needing this full-court coverage will not get this

I learned this in emergency care: when I came upon a bad wreck, I was to focus on those who were not screaming and yelling...So, too, with investing, caring, and in general getting my panties in a wad: focus on those companies not making noise, creating hype, and shilling crap, such as quickie books a big name is hired to front, not write

In sum, advice from a nobody: before caring, follow (dissect) the money trail with a news or investment story you want to care about, or invest in....What is the ratio of Ka-Ching to you to them? Do not get "Duck Dynasty'd" when the next pseudo controversy/super-doper investment is rolled out!