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Thierry Martin
Idiots--liberal or conservative--Democrat or Republican--no longer get a free ride!


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Make laws...


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Here is the game:

Find non-hacked/legal links to movies, TV shows, and music:

Let me get you started to see how this game is played:







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if so,do any real life companies act that way?sell stocks that dont exist?

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I am not a parent yet, (12 days to go. thank you, thank you)

But I can't imagine anything more horrific or chilling than a phone call to inform a parent that their child has been killed, and for no reason.
You have to wonder? Why? Why me??

In a blink of an eye, just like that, you can erase the last 18-20 years, gone, forever.
"Please come identify and collect your child's corpse."

My heart goes out to the parents. God bless them all.
I can't even fathom the pain.

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Thierry Martin
Rodney King's "Why can't we all just get along?"

Will somebody yell, "I DON'T WANT TO JUST GET ALONG!! I WANT _____ OUT OF THE GENE POOL!!"

Of course, the sky is falling, the sky is falling--Never S**T happens--For the lack of a better term: it's existence

What is your favorite from the vagina-like lipped blondes of the drive-by media sticking a mike in front of a grieving family and asking how do they feel? Me, I would grab her cue card, reading, "How must you feel? (sob)," and show her forthwith, knowing the cue-card reader would be clueless, but it would sure help my grief process

Thierry Martin
Suspect Arrested Following Dual Incidents at California ISO

April 19, 2007 7:36:AM ET
By Staff Reporter

Folsom, CA - The California Independent System Operator Corporation (California ISO) expresses its gratitude to authorities following the apprehension today of a suspect wanted in connection with two incidents that happened this week at its Folsom headquarters. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that Lonnie Charles Denison, 32, employed by a firm on contract with the ISO, was arrested at 1:30 p.m. today. Denison faces federal charges of Destruction of an Energy Facility. The FBI reports he is housed at the Sacramento County main jail and makes his initial appearance in Sacramento Federal Court on Thursday, April 19, 2007.
The ISO thanks the FBI and the quick response provided Monday by local law enforcement, which included the Folsom Police Department, Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento County Explosives Ordnance Detail.
Authorities were called in to investigate immediately following a midnight act Sunday night that cut off the internal power supply to several computer systems that handle ISO market data. The deliberate disruption of onsite power to the computer banks did not impact grid operations or affect any electricity customers. Built-in redundancies in the ISO computer backbone prevent a single action from affecting the power grid. Additionally, the Energy Management System, which provides the computerized support of grid operations, remained unaffected. The ISO markets were functioning by 3:00 a.m., with full restoration of the computer systems by 6:00 a.m.
Nearly twelve hours after the first incident, the California ISO received a credible threat of physical harm to the facility via an email from the same suspect. With employee safety the top priority, the threat was taken very seriously and a decision was made immediately to evacuate all three ISO buildings at the Folsom campus. Grid operations were transferred within minutes to the California ISO's second Control Center, while approximately 500 employees safely evacuated its Folsom headquarters.
The ISO Folsom campus was cleared for reentry at approximately 5:00 p.m. Monday and ISO grid operations personnel returned to staff the Folsom Control Center for the night shift, assuming operation of the grid from its other control center by approximately 6:00 p.m.
The FBI and other authorities have established a link between the two incidents and have determined the suspect acted alone.
While many things went right in terms of the response to and recovery from these events, the California ISO is launching an internal investigation to review security policies and procedures, and other mitigation steps taken in response to the incidents.

This could easily be the work of one idiot as the FBI claim, or someone else now nows their sop to this type of attack. Just something else to think about.

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It pollutes more than gasoline, just gets better and better doesn't it?


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You would think after all these years that Imus should know becoming a sniveling pus ain't gonna satisfy your critics, particularly if you are facing Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and so on

He should have apologized and not become a sorrowful wreck

The Jackson/Sharpton sharks are feasting off blood, and Imus still spews blood for this group

Nothing, zero, nata will satisfy this group!

Quite frankly, I wish Imus and many others--even if I disagree with them--would tell the empty headed sharks of the media--regardless race, gender, or whatever, "GO TO H___ !! I SCREWED UP, OK? YOU HAVEN'T SCREWED UP?!"


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Avatar test

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Hey guys,
I got 1000$ im looking to play on the stock market. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on a good site to open an account on. I am Canadian if this in any way matters.

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In a good Al Gore impersonation: "I'm tellin' ya, we have to do something about global warming, and the best way to do that is to elect Hillary president, because she is one cold bitch"

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Well, what do you think?

The song at the end was excellent, so creepy

All-in-all, I just plain like the show

Don't want to say much now, because I don't want to spoil the show if you watch it, too, and have not seen this week's episode

Makes me more than ever glad I ain't in the mob, because more than anything their life seem so boring as well as deadly

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Democrat or Republican

Liberal or conservative

The song is the same, just different performers


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I was wrong

But, but, dang it, they were preppies--those, those smug jocks with rich parents whose ______ didn't stink of those long ago high school years, and now I am grown and not a racist (e.g., some of my best friends are green), let's get some justice!

Tha heck with a trial!

Jackson/Sharpton, guys, I am with you! Pay-back is rough, so these rich, smarmy, white lads deserve justice we average folk get

I didn't jump to conclusion--I LEAPED!! I WANT A LEGALIZED LYNCHING!! We will dot the i's and cross the t's and then hang-em!


Thierry Martin

The mother of a 17-year-old girl was concerned that her daughter was having sex. Worried the girl might become pregnant and adversely impact the family's status, she consulted the family doctor.

The doctor told her that teenagers today were very willful and any attempt to stop the girl would probably result in rebellion. He then told her to arrange for her daughter to be put on birth control and until then, talk to her and give her a box of condoms.

Later that evening, as her daughter was preparing for a date, the woman told her about the situation and handed her a box of condoms.

The girl burst out laughing and reached over to hug her mother saying: "Oh Mom! You don't have to worry about that! I'm dating Susan!"


A man went to church one day and afterward he stopped to shake the preacher's hand. He said "Preacher, I'll tell you, that was a damned fine sermon. Damned good!"

The preacher said, "Thank you sir, but I'd rather you didn't use profanity."

The man said, "I was so damned impressed with that sermon I put five thousand dollars in the offering plate!"

The preacher said, "No ****?"


Sylvia and John took their six-year-old son to the doctor. With some hesitation, they explained that although their little angel appeared to be in good health, they were concerned about his rather small penis.

After examining the child, the doctor confidently declared, "Just feed him plenty of pancakes. That should solve the problem."

The next morning when the boy arrived at breakfast, there was a large stack of warm pancakes in the middle of the table.

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Gonna be in San Francisco middle of june and then again first week in july. Any suggestions as to what to do? I haven't been there in a few years and never with the kids. Anyone know if El Quake-O is still there? It was a neat little mexican place near the safeway on market.

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(1) Restart daily even if you do not think you need it--This should be your first step anytime your computer begins acting sluggish--Note, Windows throws away nothing! For example, temp files--Why the law will grab your computer if you are a baddy

(2) Before a Restart:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Disk Cleanup

(Note what you want cleaned, e.g., many use their Trashcan as a file folder, so watch cleaning this out)

Instead of using your Trashcan as a "temp" file folder, create a temp folder for this on your desktop

At your desktop, RIGHT mouse click > New > Folder > "TempDump"
Periodically, clean out your TempDump

crazy cursor is fun example of a programmer with too much time on his hands--there, just click and cursor away

Taskbar control:

Recovery tools

Vista system maint:

Google's latest:

Best "sorry" pages

Mac Viruses

10 most dangerous internet sites

Vista capable? (Stay up on this, because M$ will one day stop supporting XP, e.g., as it did Windows ninety-eight)

Thierry Martin
So I saw the definitions and still don't get the Ski Daddy ?

When did Cramer start using those terms ?

Some of use history buffs would like to know!!!

Thierry Martin
Where'd these terms come from ?

BOO YA!!!!!!

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This brought back memories of my Vette driving days, glad I stopped driving like that;


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So what do you people like better:shorting a stock or buying it? I've never bought stocks but I plan to short and buy stocks in my future.

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Not the best or worst episode last night, setting up a few possibilities. Baccala leave a little DNA at the scene? Carmela an inspiration for Birthday presents everywhere? And I am not talking about the Taylor Made's.
Reports are the next episode is similar to this one.

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Anyone from here posting a portfolio over there? I have one that's been up since 31 march.
A lot of bigshots have portfolio's as well. A good place to check out for ideas.

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So who do you want to be the next president? I just want a democrat in the white house to fix Bush's problems. Explain who and why you want them to be president.

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Sight Of Jesus Drinking Coke Prompts Lawsuit
Coke Doesn't Want That Type Of Promotion

POSTED: 9:31 pm EDT April 5, 2007
LOS ANGELES -- The company's theme song used to be "I'd like to buy the world a Coke," but apparently the offer doesn't apply to Jesus.

Coca-Cola Co. is suing producers of an Italian film titled " 7 Km da Gerusalemme" (Seven Kilometers From Jerusalem), that shows Jesus swigging Coke from a can in the desert. Coke said the scene would probably give the soda a bad image. A spokeswoman said, "We are not interested in this kind of product placement."

The film is set in present-day Israel.

Variety reported that the movie was due to be released April 6, Good Friday, but it has now been pulled by Mediafilm. The company had hoped to capitalize on the Easter spirit.

Quite hilarious from my point of view; Jesus gives Coke a bad image, I can hardly stop laughing.

Thierry Martin
A nice deal sort of fell in my lap. I have a chance to own a gas station/convenience store. Should I risk it and do it? Anyone know about doing this? Ever done it, or know someone that has? Is it worth it? How much do you make from selling gas/diesel? It will be in an area were many 18-wheelers go and plenty of room for them to get in and out easily. It's not free or anything, but it's a damn good deal. It already was a gas station at one time, but not now. The tanks are the new fiberglass ones and it's up to EPA codes and such. It's not free, so there is some investing I'd have to do, but it's a really good deal if it's worth the trouble. Pros/Cons?


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From the Wall Street Journal this week:

Crop Farms in Skyscrapers:
Feasible or Pie-in-the-Sky?
The only hope of feeding the Earth's expanding population without exacerbating global warming is to create an infrastructure of urban farms, a Columbia University scientist says. Don't worry about finding enough space, he says -- crop farms could be built into urban skyscrapers.
Dickson Despommier, a professor of environmental sciences and microbiology, says that skyscraper farms represent a feasible strategy for growing food while protecting the environment, Lisa Chamberlain reports in New York magazine.
It might seem pie-in-the-sky, but consider this: Mr. Despommier estimates that 150 or so vertical farms could feed the entire city of New York (pop: eight million) for a year. Assuming environmentally friendly building systems are used, a vertical farm would be self- sustaining, producing a net output of clean water and energy.
Why build vertical farms in urban areas? Controlled settings like skyscrapers would protect crops from traditional scourges of farming, from bad weather to contaminated run-off. With 80% of the world's population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, it makes sense to situate farms nearby. Ms. Chamberlain doesn't say how Mr. Despommier would offset the high real-estate costs or transportation complexities associated with urban areas.
Mr. Despommier began researching vertical farming six years ago. Since then, scientists from land-scarce Dubai and the Netherlands have contacted him about working on his ideas. He says it would take a group of scientists, architects and planners five to 10 years to figure out how to create workable skyscraper farms, and he is hoping to cultivate the deepest-pocketed philanthropists, and oil companies, to make it happen.

Wall Street Journal (4/7/07)

Thierry Martin
I find it interesting that we've found out that Mr Buffett has bought Posco in Jan and now a railroad. Clearly he doesnt think these old world stocks are slowing down. However, what I find most interesting in this story is he has basically a 60/40 stock to cash position. And a 1/3 fixed income to stock position. That stock to fixed income seems a little conservative but the stock to cash is very conservative. I wonder if that suggest he thinks stocks will become cheaper and he is waiting and/or there is not much out there that is worth buying right now. Essentially he may think stocks are a bit rich??

Buffett's Berkshire buys big Burlington stake
Legendary investor's firm takes stake of more than 10% in railroad Burlington Northern.
April 7 2007: 2:09 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has bought a stake of more than 10 percent in railroad operator Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. that's worth about $3.2 billion, according to a filing with regulators.

The legendary investor's firm and its subsidiaries have acquired about 39 million shares of the Texas-based railroad, Berkshire Hathaway (Charts) said in an S-4 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Friday.

Buffett is perhaps the world's most widely imitated investor.
Burlington Northern (Charts), based in Fort Worth, Texas, has about 358 million shares outstanding. The company's stock closed at $82.72, up about 1.3 percent, on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. The stock market was closed for Good Friday.

The acquisition of Burlington stock is believed to be the first time that Buffett's firm has bought a stake in a railroad.

His other holdings include or have included American Express (Charts), Coca-Cola (Charts), Wells Fargo (Charts) and Chinese oil company PetroChina (Charts).

Buffett, 76, said in Berkshire's annual report released last month that he plans to hire a younger person - or perhaps more than one - to understudy him in managing Berkshire's investments.

Buffett said he will be helped in his search by Lou Simpson, 70, who has managed the investments of Berkshire subsidiary GEICO for more than 25 years, and by Berkshire's vice-chairman, Charles Munger.

At the end of 2006, Berkshire had $61 billion in equity investments; $28 billion in fixed-income securities; and cash holdings of $43 billion.

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Thierry Martin
I have only recently started watching Cramer. I wanted to try buying the SHCL stock that he recommended. I am a college student and he recommended this even for people like me.

Here's the problem - I want to buy a share, but alll the online trading sites I found require at least $500 to start. I only want to buy this one stock and see what happens.

I would really appreciate some help with this.

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These caught my eye:


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CNN Press Release: "What would Jesus really do?

Where would Jesus stand on the war in Iraq, world hunger, global warming? Preachers Jerry Falwell, T.D. Jakes, Rick Warren and others debate how churches should confront these issues." (8pm EDT)
[But not about paying your Fair Tax: (Mark 12:13-17; the same passage appears, slightly modified, in Matthew 22:15-22 and Luke 20:20-26)]

"20/20" press release: "Could Breast Implants be a Motive for Murdering Your Husband? They seemed like the perfect couple, but now Marine Sergeant Todd Sommer is dead, and Cindy Sommer is behind bars. When most wives would be mourning, she got breast implants and partied in Tijuana. But does that make her a murderer? (BOOYAH Moment)

Lottery Curse? Jack Whittaker won more than $300 million in the Powerball lottery, but all his dreams didn't come true when he hit the jackpot. Watch the full story this Friday on "20/20" at 10 p.m. EDT."

Thierry Martin
Alright, I'm somewhat of a newbie. I don't active trade in real life, I just do it on these simulators which is really fun in my opinion. On all of these charts from www.stockcharts.com (which is the best site, isn't it?) I find myself looking at these charts and noticing the candlesticks, and the squiggly lliens which I have no idea what they mean. I know that if the MACD lines intersect then that shows momentum. But could someone please explain to me what the oter lines on a chart like this mean, and how well they determine a upward climb or downward fall?

Name: Picture-2.gif Views: 117 Size: 21.2 KB

Thierry Martin
Anyone with information on any of the following stocks as good investments?



Redondo Beach CA

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Hate to bring you down, but...


Thierry Martin
JL, was that you? Either one heck of a coincidence, somebody with a sense of humor or just payback for that video I posted and the ensuing debate.

Thierry Martin
I don't know about you, but I do quite a bit of conversions and thought i'd share this domain with a great conversion chart for those of you who do.


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Thierry Martin


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Thierry Martin
Why Does Bill O?Reilly Hate Our Troops and American Values?
By: SilentPatriot on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 2:46 PM - PDT

Bill O'Reilly abuses and cuts the mic of retired Colonel Ann Wright, 29-year veteran of the US Army, after she refuses to fall victim to his leading, dishonest questions and smear tactics. Apparently in Bill's demented world, criticizing the actions of President Bush in explicitly violating international law ? something Col. Wright spent years teaching ? constitutes "blaming" America.


Thierry Martin
I am a patron of the Giulio Gari foundation.
The Giulio Gari Foundation was established to reward young singing talent in an annual competition and to present the winners with scholarships at concerts introducing them to the public.

If anyone knows of a young person who may be interested in competing, or if anyone here would be interested in attending one of the upcoming events, PM me and I'll give you the necessary info to do so.
I would also be willing to give away a couple of seats to one of our regulars who would like to attend. I have 2 extra tickets for tomorrows event at the NY Athletic Club. Short notice but if you can make it, it's a nice evening. This is the place where they give out the Heisman trophy by the way.
The 2007 competition is on three days in May (16,17,18 ) and again I'll give a pair of tickets to a regular who is interested.
The website gives details, if you're an opera fan, you'll enjoy it, and I'll make the donation.

Thierry Martin

I am

I scored 200

I took it twice

I am a good lad

I plan on taking it again, so I will be a very good lad

Thierry Martin
I got it to work, but it's not as fast as they say.


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NOT the Flat Tax!


Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
This is an old article, but really hits the nail on the head:

"Spiraling" Oil Prices and "Obscene" Profits
by Larry Elder (May 7, 1999)

On April 30, motorists nationwide staged the "Great American Gas-Out," to protest "spiraling" gas prices. And when consumers complain, rest assured politicians will do something dumb to make them happy. It didn't take long.

In California, something called the Senate Transportation and Energy committee quickly held hearings, summoning oil company executives and demanding that they "justify" their price "gouging." The executives offered "explanations" -- OPEC cutbacks, fires at refineries, California's expensive "clean air" fuel requirements, blah, blah, blah. But what's wrong with this picture?

Say you put your house up for sale. You find a buyer willing to pay nearly $15,000 more than the listed price. But three days later, you get a letter in the mail from something called the State Department of Excessive Profits: "Dear Homeowner, We understand that you received substantially more than the listed price for your home. Please report Monday morning, at 9:30 a.m. to our downtown office, to explain your excessive profits. You may wish to consult counsel."

Most of us work for a living. At the end of the year, many of us seek raises. Do we worry about whether we "gouged" our employer? Or do we seek the maximum amount based on what we perceive to be our contribution to the enterprise?

Where does the state get off asking a private employer to "justify" profits? The correct answer is that given by Robert De Niro in the movie "Guilty by Suspicion" about the Hollywood blacklist. The House Committee on Un-American Activities sought names of communist sympathizers. De Niro refused, shouting, "Don't you have any shame?!"

Did oil companies "take advantage" of consumers' demand for gasoline? As President Clinton might have said, define "take advantage." Oil companies charge what the market will bear, as do Wendy's, Wal-Mart and Barbra Streisand for a concert ticket. Got a problem with that? Is there a law against making a buck, something that benefits the employees as well as the shareholders?

People defending President Clinton against charges of perjury and obstruction of justice argued that he answered a question that "never should have been asked in the first place." Let's apply that here. No business person, operating lawfully, should ever be asked to explain profits. And implicit in the question is the absurd notion that oil executives can charge whatever they want, whenever they want, for as long as they want, without a consumer backlash -- a backlash that may mean buying more fuel-efficient cars, moving closer to work, carpooling or shopping more aggressively for cheaper gas.

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I though this might come in handy for some of you, because I can already hear the collective starting to become riled, and thinking up conspiracy theories.

Take the RBOB spot price in NY currently $2.1365 (.booyah) and add about 62 cents for a pretty close estimate. Those in CA can add more...much more.

Here's a government site with breakdown on costs for CA by the individual day:


The following link is for the actual taxes in each state:


Thierry Martin
Airlines are so flush with cash that they can generate this kind of pr I guess


Thierry Martin


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scottrade.com allows no user-defined logins. Instead it REQUIRES an account number. Not only is that rather poor security for a financial site, it's extremely user unfriendly. We're talking web site design 101.

I've reported this several times to Scot Trade only to receive an auto-response. I've also reported it personally to branch office personnel to no effect. Does anyone know of a site or method through which I can report this. Something like "lamewebsitedesignforum.com." I've found no such site but feel there should be as scottrade.com is unresponsive.

Thierry Martin
I love it - OSU marches on to the Final Four and out classed that dead beat Calipari!!!!!

Thierry Martin
I saw this and couldn't resist

Thierry Martin
So my brother works for PGR and Fidelity handles the 401k. He asks me to take a look at it as he realizes the stock and the company are not exactly inspiring confidence.

So after I poke around in his account I find that he is not allowed to transfer out of his PGR holdings, I guess he's supposed to ride it down a la Enron, (notice the board members have been selling though)

Anyhow, other than changing his contribution percentage to zero in that holding, does anyone know of any rights he has as far as selling his company's stock?

Thierry Martin
blatantly filched from et. im really glad to hear more excuses for not getting proper fills.

SEC Cuts Big Board Specialists Some Slack Peter Chapman

The Securities and Exchange Commission relieved New York Stock Exchange specialists from certain trading restrictions.
The regulator approved a Big Board proposal to amend its Rule 104 to permit specialists to trade for their own accounts in a less constrained fashion. The SEC cited changes to the trading environment brought on by Regulation NMS as the basis for its decision.
Specifically, the amendments give specialists latitude in two areas. First, they eliminate the requirement that specialists satisfy their "negative obligations" on a trade-by-trade basis.
Second, the amendments let specialists trade with (as opposed to against) the direction of the market regardless of the price at which they trade. Previously, specialists could not buy on an uptick or sell on a downtick when increasing or establishing a position without the consent of an NYSE floor official.
Along with specialists' "affirmative obligation," which requires them to stabilize prices by trading, their negative obligation is a key principle that guides their trading behavior. The negative obligation requires specialists to refrain from trading unless necessary to stabilize prices. Previously, the specialists were judged as to whether or not they were living up to their negative obligations on a trade-by-trade basis. Also, they could not buy as stocks were increasing in price or sell as they fell when increasing or establishing a position without NYSE approval.
The Big Board argued that the implementation of its hybrid market model and the SEC's Reg NMS made these two parameters obsolete. An increase in volume and the speed of trading would make monitoring every trade and every tick too difficult and less relevant.
The SEC agreed, mostly. It permitted the NYSE to monitor specialists' compliance with their negative obligations on a broader "patterns and practices," rather than on a trade-by-trade, basis. It also gave specialists, on a trial basis, permission to trade with the market at any price in the performance of their negative obligation. A pilot will run through June 30. Compared with its problems in securing SEC approval for its hybrid marketplace, the NYSE faced little opposition to amending Rule 104.
Its sole critic was a Chicago consultant named George Rutherfurd who argued that the rule changes would result in the insertion of specialists into trades where they did not belong, which would force public investors to miss out on fills. Rutherfurd believes the changes amount to a rescission of the specialists' negative obligation.
The SEC said that the elimination of the tick requirements allow for a "significant shift in the roles and obligations of specialists." Because of that the SEC is only liberalizing the rules for stocks in the S&P 500 and a few others on a trial basis. Permanent liberalization depends on the result of an SEC examination of market quality figures at the end of the trial.
(c) 2007 Traders Magazine and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Thierry Martin
Security Council approves new sanctions on Iran

POSTED: 4:47 p.m. EDT, March 24, 2007
Story Highlights? NEW: U.S. prepared to take further action, ambassador says
? NEW: Goal is good decision by Iran, British ambassador says
? Measure pushing suspension of uranium enrichment gains unanimous OK
? Western nations contend Iran intends to develop nuclear weapons
? Resolution follows trade limits approved in December

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- The 15-member U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Saturday to impose new sanctions on Iran because of its refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment program.

The acting U.S. representative to the United Nations, Alejandro D. Wolff, said after the vote:

"While we hope that Iran complies with this resolution ... the United States is fully prepared to take additional measures in 60 days should Iran choose another course." He didn't elaborate.

Western nations, including the United States, contend Iran is using the program to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran says the technology will only be for civilian use.

The new measures follow a resolution adopted December 23 that prohibited trade with Iran in nuclear materials and ballistic missiles. It also froze assets of individuals and institutions involved in Tehran's nuclear programs.

The sanctions, agreed on last week by the five Security Council countries with veto power and Germany, would ban Iranian arms exports and freeze the assets of 28 additional individuals and organizations involved in Iran's nuclear and missile programs. About a third of those are linked to the Revolutionary Guard, an elite military corps.

The resolution also calls for a voluntary travel embargo on Iranian officials and Revolutionary Guard commanders.

Several council members spoke before the vote, stressing that they prefer political negotiation over imposition of sanctions.

"This resolution is about the need to build international confidence in Iran's nuclear program," said Rezlan Ishar Jenie, the representative from Indonesia.

The British ambassador to the United Nations, Sir Emyr Jones Parry, who led the six-nation group, said after the vote, "The path of proliferation by Iran is not one that the international community can accept.

Thierry Martin
doing some random googling, found this throwback.


crazy % moves with all those pennies.

Thierry Martin


Thierry Martin
Anyone in this forum heard about this or use the product? I guess its really big in Florida. Some of my friends in Cleveland are making a really good amount of money on the side.

Thierry Martin


Thierry Martin

(1) I give a site or download 30-seconds to make its case, or I am out of there--I will spend ever more time drilling down and learning IF I can grasp the concept quickly

(2) I am pro the Google Look: grab me quick, THEN pull me in ever deeper to your goodies

(3) In programs, Word is an example of a program you can use quickly, then drill down to the goodies as you need them, or discover you need them--but right off, you can use the program--ditto Google Search

Thierry Martin
Name: bulls+medical.jpg Views: 147 Size: 32.7 KB

has been a nice two days to be long. im just about all cash for chairman bernanke's decision tomorrow. with the down time, i will be catching up on some overdue correspondence with friends. enjoy!

Thierry Martin
I think this shows who's in control of this situation, because of course the oil companies are known for coming forward of their own accord,lol

DJ Sen Feinstein:To Draft Bill To Extend 98-99 Oil, Gas Leases -2

"I believe those companies are waiting to see if, in fact, there's going to be action taken by Congress," Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said in his testimony before the appropriations committee.
Feinstein told Dow Jones Newswires as she was leaving the hearing that her staff was drafting the lease-extension legislation recommended by the Interior Department. The DoI recommended extending the leases three years, and in return seek payment for royalties on past and future production from the leases.
The chairwoman said she also had support for the bill from ranking member Larry Craig, R-Idaho.
"I believe it will give the companies the opportunity to step forward," Craig said.

-By Ian Talley, Dow Jones Newswires, 202 862 9285, ian.talley@dow jones.com

(END) Dow Jones Newswires
March 20, 2007 11:08 ET (15:08 GMT)

Thierry Martin


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler -- Albert Einstein

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Anyone watching CNBC talk about this? Seems like a long shot, but if/when one of these big guns does go public, look out, I bet they would open at $200per share, some crazy number. Im sure the IPO of Fortress opened a lot of eyes to private equity guys.

Thierry Martin
Menu foods has announced a huge recall of multiple pet food brands that has killed some pets already.

If you can trade the TSX, the ticker is MEW, do us pet lovers a favor and short them into bankruptcy.



Thierry Martin
Anyone using Linux know where I can find a list of what programs will and won't work, or I guess more appropriately, what Linux needs in order to run them, since last I heard they were making in-roads into making everything work for it... Was thinking about changing over, finally had enough of WinXP trying to steal control of my computer, but wanted to verify all my software is functional first..

Thierry Martin
Just my thoughts

Has anyone else thought about the debt we have from this War? Who and how will this Debt be paid? My guess is Capitol gains first and the rest of the Tax breaks we have enjoyed for the past few years will dissapeer! Just my thoughts what are yours? Somebody will have to pay the U.S.A.s debt. Will it be you? Or our children?

Current Tax breaks expire in 2008.

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
She wants a Passat, anybody have any experience with them? Volkswagons in general?

Thierry Martin
I ran across this video clip of a very unique boat, that can literally pierce through 40 foot waves. Interesting stuff.


Thierry Martin
WSJ (3/15/07)

OMAHA, Neb. -- Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said Chairman and Chief Executive Warren Buffett received total pay valued at $214,250 for 2006.

Mr. Buffett received a $100,000 salary -- the same as for the past 25 years -- and $114,250 in other compensation, representing directors' fees or deferred phantom equity interests from companies in which Berkshire has significant investments.

For 2005, Mr. Buffett had received total pay valued at $309,000, according to the investment holding company's math statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin



>From PayPal:

"Dear Member, it has come to our attention that there
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least 200 newsgroups. (There are thousands of newsgroups). No catch, that
was it. So after thinking it over, and talking to a few people first, I thought about
trying it.

Thierry Martin
There's a shocker huh?


Thierry Martin
How appropriate does it get?


Thierry Martin
Our newest member Jack25. What do you think, coincidence?

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Mexican economy poised for greatness
New leadership and business reforms help improve outlook


A vendor in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, sells her wares. Many in Mexico still live below the poverty line.
When Mexican President Felipe Calder?n meets with President Bush today, he is expected to discuss his plans to improve prospects for Mexican workers so fewer of them will try to come to the United States.

Experts say Calder?n and his generation of leaders are working to turn Mexico into an economic heavyweight over the next few decades, rather than a poor country sending illegal immigrants across the border.

But challenges remain. About 40 percent of the nation's population lives in poverty, and monopolies dominate major industries.

But despite the challenges, Mexico's new finance minister, Agust?n Carstens, is so optimistic that he told the Financial Times last month that Mexico's economy could become fully developed in 20 years, as in Ireland and Spain.

Last year, the World Bank named Mexico one of the world's top 10 reformers in making the country a better place to do business.

A December 2005 Goldman Sachs report forecasts that Mexico will be the sixth-largest economy in the world by 2050, saying "only Mexico and perhaps Korea have the potential to rival" the emerging economies of China, India, Russia and Brazil.

In 2004, Mexico issued 20-year bonds for the first time, indicating an improvement in investor confidence. During the tough economy of the mid-1990s, Mexico could not issue bonds longer than six months.

"This brings a lot more stability, and it's a sign that the Mexican financial markets are maturing," said Michael Brandl, a finance lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin.

Experts say Mexico has positioned itself for economic success with:

A more democratic and politically stable government. Mexico's democratic institutions passed a severe test last year with a close presidential election. There were acrimony and protests but no upheavals or bloodshed.

Banking reforms. In 1998, Mexico allowed full foreign ownership of banks, which opened the country to more investment. Loans are made based on credit scores, putting the country's loans on much firmer ground. Loans were previously made based on personal or family relationships, or information loosely shared among banks, said William Gruben, director for the Center for Latin American Economics at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Thierry Martin
9 month high today- and i can hear the anger in Kudlow's voice with my TV in the other room. sometimes you win some, sometimes you loose some.

disclosure: miner free after today. maybe now i will have time to leave the bunker. in any event, best wishes.

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
I'm a high school senior and I'm very interested in the stock market. If I wanted to be a stockbroker, or have another job related to the stock market, I would have to major in economics in college right? I was planning on majoring in accounting in college but I may change to economics because I find the stock market so interesting. I told my Dad to invest in Apple like 2 years ago (due to ipods) when the stock price was $40 but he didn't want to put his money into a stock at that price. Well, the stock is now in the high $80's so I think I would be a great stock picker. Any ideas on what i should do? I definatly want to invest $1000 when I go to college even though my parents want me to save my money.

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin


Thierry Martin
are there any good stock stations on sirius or xm radio. i need something to listen to at work, and since i tend to have an amazing memory for lyrics of songs i figured if i listened to people talking about stocks and economic relations ill also have a good memory...hopefully.

"Formal education will make you a living, Self education will make you a fortune"

My Mutual Fund to beat the S&P500:


Funds- OBCHX- 80% in one year
OBIOX- I love International

International is my idea of a gold mine for the upcoming years

Thierry Martin
Hey aiki, I saw in your profile that you practice Jui Jitsu. Thats pretty cool. I and my two children do also. We are part of the Gracie-Barra camp. How long have you been doing so?What other fighting arts do you practice?
btw- In which section would I start a thread asking you to further explain covering long positions with put options?

Thierry Martin
I set up a private group on yahoo sports for any traders who want to fill out a bracket and compete against each other. Its free to fill out a bracket just go to yahoo.com fantasy ncaa tournament challenge and join our group.

Group #: 93782
Password: pinksheets

Thierry Martin
The Savage Truth: Seasoned Credit Lines

By Terry Savage
TheStreet.com Contributor
3/11/2007 9:19 AM EDT
Click here for more stories by Terry Savage

This has to be the first great scam of the new millennium. It's called Seasoned Trade Lines. The premise is simple. You have great credit. Others have lousy credit. If they could just "borrow" your good credit for 60 days -- by becoming an authorized user on your credit card -- then they could apply for a mortgage and pay a lower rate, based on your good credit.

This column should end right here. The risks are obvious. You would rightly hesitate to add your own son or daughter as a co-signer on your credit card. After all, if their credit is good, they can easily get their own low-interest-rate card. And if their credit is bad, then they probably shouldn't be borrowing at all. Why on earth would you add a complete stranger as a co-signer on your credit?

The companies that promote this concept of "seasoned trade lines" call it an "honest credit boost." For a fee, they'll match you up with someone else's credit. Of course the deadbeat never personally meets the sterling credit risk. It's not really like a dating service. Rather, it's sort of a "credit sperm bank" -- a brief, impersonal encounter with long-lasting results!

The appeal to the person with terrible credit is obvious. The Web sites of the companies that promote this dubious product proclaim that they can, in less than 90 days, raise your credit score by more than 200 points! That will allow you to easily "buy a new home or take the vacation of your dreams." All of these "lines" are guaranteed to come from people with credit scores above the 700 level. They promise that once your credit score has been "improved" because you've borrowed someone else's good credit history, "you'll pay lower rates and can borrow more."

I can see how desperate people with bad credit would be willing to try this gambit -- even though it comes at a steep cost. Oh yes, to get attached to someone with good seasoned credit, it will cost Mr. Desperate anywhere from $700 to $2,000 -- up front -- depending on the size of the credit line you access. Then again, as one Web site claims: "A higher credit score is priceless!"

But what could possibly be the appeal to someone with good credit -- and thus presumably with a working set of brains? As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute!"

The online advertisements promise that people with good credit can "Earn up to $10,000 a month or MORE." For each additional authorized user on your card, you'll be paid about $100 to $150. They won't tell you exactly how much until they "see your credit."

In case the math escapes you, if you decide to sign up for this insane idea of "sharing your good credit," you're not getting paid nearly as much as the company collects from the deadbeat who wants to borrow your credit. The difference is the huge profit these matchmakers get.

Matching desperate borrowers and greedy cardholders could be a big business. One site brags that it has over $1 million in "aged credit accounts" -- just waiting to add you as a user. Click on the link for "credit investors" (those with credit to spare) and they remind you that many cards will let you have at least 10 additional signers, and some card issuer allow 99 people to be authorized users.

But what happens if the deadbeat actually charges on your credit card and then doesn't make the payments? The first salesperson I spoke with told me that they never give the deadbeat your full credit card number. Sure, but what happens when it shows up on their credit report, now that they're an "authorized user"? What's to keep them from calling the card issuer and asking for a replacement card?

Steven deJesus, the president of one of companies whose ads are the most ubiquitous, concedes that "you bear all the risk of any unauthorized charges." Since his Montana-registered, Florida-based company started offering this "investment opportunity" in October 2005, it has attracted 38 "investors" (credit sharers) and more than 300 people who have been added as additional authorized users. He says he's had no complaints -- so far.

Of course, deJesus declares, if something goes wrong, you could always sue him. He continually uses the term "credit investors" for those who offer use of their credit, but he says he doesn't have to be registered in any way to conduct his business. And he and others with the same concept pay to have their ads pop up frequently on Google and Yahoo!.

Thierry Martin
Just made my car arrangements for my upcoming trip, had the choice of a Boxter and a Lotus Elise, went with the Elise. Looks like it should be fun. If any of you folks haven't been, Wales is a great place to tool around, lot's of nice little towns, great driving roads, and the National parks ( The Brecon Beacons and Snowdownia) are really terrific. The Trout fishing season began on 3 march and we'll be in Hay on Wye which has great fishing and the best book stores in the UK, maybe the world. Gonna see the Blues play the ospreys on 24 march (Rugby), there is nothing like it and the Millenium stadium is a great venue. Hearing 100,000 people singing the team songs is a rush.
I hope the upcoming week goes well, I hate leaving on a down note. But not going on a down note is worse!
Disclaimer, I have no connection to the Wales tourism industry, the Blues, or the Lotus motor company. I am hoping to make a connection with the trout.

Thierry Martin
As I continue my journey through past CramerLand Programs for my Homework Site, this caught my eye--NOTE THIS PLAY IS A YEAR OLD, BUT IT MAY BE WORTH PUTTING ON YOUR WATCH LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From http://www.thestreet.com/pf/funds/ma.../10273834.html

Sotheby's (BID:NYSE) .

"...It's great for a trade because there is an annual catalyst in May, when all the really big contemporary and impressionist art sales happen.

These sales will be covered in the media everywhere and the stock is likely to pop as a result, he said.

Cramer recommended taking a double-down position before the big sale in May, sell some into the spike and keep the rest as an investment.."


Thierry Martin
I'm watching Business Nation on CNBC, what a piece of $hit this David Gunther is, using his handicap of being wheelchair bound to file hundreds of lawsuits against company's that have violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and make a nice living doing it. He even gets busted on one claim that he couldn't open the door to the business premises, the owner refused to settle and found the taped footage from Gunther's visit..the a$$hole didn't even open the door, it was propped open, he wheeled himself right in. When the interviewer asked him about this he calmly responds that he was mistaken, wtf?
The guy even has the balls to sue a company that converts vehicles into handicap enabled.

Thierry Martin
I need to take a sec and just say how blessed I am.

I have had back problems since 1998 (~1 yr after I started flying in high g aircraft with the USAF). All I had to do was lean over wrong and - BANG! Sciatic pain that would radiate down my left leg and keep me hobbled for 2-3 weeks. Eventually, the pain went away and I'm left to slowly stretch out the back and leg. This happened about every year and a half to 2 years, until recently.

On 17 Nov, I was doing sprints on the treadmill and a leg workout. I leaned over to get something from my gym bag afterwards and BANG! I knew immediately I had done it again -- only this was 9 months since the last episode, and this episode lasted 3 1/2 months!

I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, prescription painkillers, and it was still getting worse. The MRI told the story -- two herniated discs that were pinching the nerve bundle running down the left leg. Nothing left to do but get surgery.

I went in on tuesday morning, and actually walked out that evening under my own power from the hospital. Aside from discomfort and soreness from the surgery sight -- NO PAIN! I have to walk each day for therapy now -- I'm slow as heck, but no shooting pain anymore.

I just feel so blessed that I have modern medicine available that could fix the problem. The pain was excruciating; I could see the pain drive anyone to drink or worse -- I'm just so happy that the pain is gone.

Thierry Martin
Inmate's Mother Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Him Drugs

POSTED: 8:13 am EST March 9, 2007
PUNTA GORDA, Fla. -- Authorities said an inmate's mother was arrested when she tried to smuggle him drugs at the Charlotte County jail.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Teresa Fletcher told detectives her son was having problems sleeping and asked her to bring him the drugs.

She and her son, Jerry Fletcher, were both charged with felony possession of Alprazolam, possession of oxycodone and introducing contraband into a county corrections facility.

The sheriff's office said during visiting hours, the mother spoke to her son through the glass window and pulled a plastic baggie from her pocket. She tried forcing it through a crack in the wall, but was later arrested.

The sheriff's office had received a tip that Teresa Fletcher would try to bring her son the drugs when she visited.

Thierry Martin
Man Sentenced To 15 Years Over Three Dollars

POSTED: 7:46 am EST March 9, 2007
STUART, Fla. -- A 75-year-old man with terminal cancer has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, and he never even got his $3 back.

John Paul Kent had prepaid $40 to gas up his Oldsmobile Delta 88 last summer at a gas station near his Jensen Beach apartment. He became angry when a clerk couldn't open the cash register to give him his $3 in change.

Authorities said Kent left the store and returned with a nine-millimeter pistol. He then fired five shots into the floor.

This led to a six-hour stand-off with deputies outside his apartment, which was located in a retirement community.

Kent pleaded guilty to the shooting and no contest to aggravated assault charges.

Kent's attorney said the shooting and stand-off were probably the result of "end-of-life issues and a great deal of anger."

Thierry Martin
long story short, please dont laugh at me too much...

but i was throwing a football in the house with a friend and struck my iMac's flat screen and well, its broke now. surprise!

i heard enough from my wife, trust me.. i cant play football in the house anymore...

anyone know of a fix? i hate those all-in-one systems, one part goes out im screwed..
i guess ill have to get that mini VGA adapter and buy another screen...

any other suggestions??

Name: f.GIF Views: 35 Size: 15.0 KB

Thierry Martin
Where could I find one? Is there one with actual release date and release price as well?

Thierry Martin
has anyone seen borat on dvd?

Thierry Martin
Hi guys,
I was just wondering if you know any sites where I can find FREE real time quotes?

I am a college student and new to trading, so I don't have much money to spend on that kind of stuff yet.

Thank you

Thierry Martin
Some real ballers there, just saw a '38 Talbot Lagos Special go for $3.35 million and a prototype GT40 for $2.275 million. They had a good variety of some really nice cars, XKE's, Healey's, Aston Martin DB's, 250 GTB's, Cobra's, etc. Sure made most of today's vehicles look bland.

Thierry Martin
after the crazy ride over the last week, i feel compelled to post on this subject. just as it is foolish to post terms like free fall, claim to set a price, or degrade yourself by attacking other forum members, i want to caution anyone who might be feeling vindicated by todays market action. today was a good day to be long. tomorrow might be as well. but just like someone who was running victory laps after a few sessions of serious selling, dont now puff out your chest and over trade your new found confidence. as annoying as basher A is/ was, remember how convinced he had you to sell over the weekend. i know my stomach turned the entire weekend.

in the end, if you were successful today, it was more likely because you were lucky as opposed to good. i do not want you take this as an insult, but perhaps be able to profit from this experience in the future. always consider the oversimplified: its true until it isnt. best wishes!

Thierry Martin
does anyone know of a free service/tool that would allow me to set an RSI alert? to just set and forget?

there are some companys that i hold (or want to hold) long term and would like to know when they become oversold or overbought. that's it, don't care what the PPS is.

since my list is growing, it would be nice to just set some alerts (volume, RSI, PEG) is all i want instead of checking on all of them frequently.

Thierry Martin
I found a great alternative to credit cards while searching around on the internet. I found this program from Credit Life they give you a $2,500 dollar line of credit good towards purchases on there website www.lifeofcredit.com. They carry just about anything you could be looking for from kitchen ware to electronics they got it all. The service they offer only cost $9.95 a month with a one time enrollment fee of $149 which is pretty good when you compare the kind of money you?re going to save. Check there site out see if it?s got something your looking for.

Thierry Martin
Did you look over e-mail?
What's your take on it?

Thierry Martin
Can someone post or PM me a link or code for the $25 bonus for the ING savings account? I want to open one up.

Or if you can refer me to somewhere I can get better than 4.5%, let me know.

Thierry Martin
"James Cramer's average return on his 9 picks was 5.86% last month but now after two months is: +2%. Interestingly it is his speculative stocks that are up the most. Best pick so far Level 3 communications..."

http://stockcharts.com/charts/candleglance.php?mo,gs,hal,nyx,aapl,csco,lvlt,rad, svnt|D|A8,17,9

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
What type of music do you listen to?

Thierry Martin
I'm gonna be gone for about 2 weeks, one on a cruise, so I hope the trolls have fun posting without me arguing with them. Also, I'll be switching to sogoinvest during break, sent in the ACATS so I'll be back ready to invest after my relaxation.

Thierry Martin
This week we witness in bright color the pros and cons of Trailing Stops

A good lesson to file away in your memory bank--I call it First Hand Experience, what Homework alone cannot provide, and why I watch Cramer and "Fast Money" to help shorten some the Learning Curve

Thierry Martin
From Slate Magazine:

"...After the Dow Jones' initial drop Tuesday afternoon, the New York Stock Exchange implemented "trading curbs." What are those? Also called "circuit breakers," these are restrictions designed to keep people from trading large blocks of shares that might further destabilize the market.

"Curbs go into effect whenever the exchange's composite index rises or sinks 150 points beyond the previous day's closing price. During that time, "program trades"?defined by the NYSE as "the purchase or sale of 15 or more stocks having a total market value of $1 million or more"?are off limits.

"(You'll also see a little "Curbs In" icon at the bottom of the screen on CNBC.) The NYSE started imposing curbs after the "Black Monday" stock market crash of 1987, which many people blamed on program trading."



Thierry Martin
Looking for any thoughts on owning an Audi. Specifically the 2007 A4, but any reviews will be helpful. I am looking to trade in my Saab and find the A4 very compelling. Please let me know if I am making a mistake. Thanks.

Thierry Martin
We are a advanced mobile phones distributor , We sell cheap mobile phones that are very New and Unlocked. They come with 1year international warranty.
Note : If you buy two you will get one for free

if interested contact : mobileinc@nycmail.com

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Palm Treo 650 GSM A....$120
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Sidekick 2......$110
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Thierry Martin

Agloco is a company started by founding members of AllAdvantage, which went under in the dotcom bust of 2000. Before the tech market collapsed, they paid out over one hundred million dollars to people like you who just surfed the internet with their toolbar software. Now some of the core members have come back together along with some formidable new talent in order to launch Agloco.

Here’s why I think this is a good idea for you to get in on as soon as possible:

Almost every major website pays for traffic. Google, for instance, pays AOL up to ten cents per search done on google by an AOL user. Agloco will get you your share of things like that.

By surfing for just five hours a month with the toolbar, you’ll earn money and shares in Agloco. If it takes off, you’ll really wish you had gotten in NOW. You refer friends, and you get a cut of their share too.

It’s not a pyramid scheme although it does involve tiers, probably to promote viral marketing. You pay nothing, the software will be scrutinized for spyware by every tech geek with a blog who downloads it, and the potential for winning big is just too important to miss.

Don’t just sit there wondering if it’s for real or not. Heck, I’m not even a marketer for them so I’m probably not even telling you the important stuff. Go look on their site and decide for yourself.
AGLOCO makes money for its Members in many ways:

Search: Every time you use the Viewbar™ to do an Internet search, AGLOCO earns money from the search engine providers. (For example, Google pays as much as $0.10 on average for each search that is directed to its search engine.)

Advertising: The Viewbar™ itself displays ads that are targeted based upon the websites you’re visiting. When you click on an ad and make a purchase, AGLOCO receives a referral fee, which we pass on to our Members. (Please note: Individual members do not receive any compensation for clicking on ads in the Viewbar™, and the Viewbar™ can detect if someone is clicking ads in a fraudulent manner.)

Transaction commissions: Many major retailers pay commissions when you refer customers who make a purchase. AGLOCO collects that commission and passes it on to our members. (For example, Amazon pays an 8.5% commission to most websites who refer customers, and has cut deals for even larger percentages. The bigger the AGLOCO community, the better commission we can negotiate for our Members.)

Thierry Martin
ICG - Investment Consulting Group invites to cooperation Regional Representatives.
Details: http://www.icg-forex.ru/eng/company/cooperation.htm
Yours faithfully, ICG

Thierry Martin
Well I am fairly new to this community and already neighbors who I respect are moving out.
This bothers me as they had very good opinions as well as advice.

Now we are left with let's say to many chiefs and not enough Indians.
Most of there post are mindless dribble who's childhood antics are unbelievable to me.
Who cares what a man's respects or beliefs are as long as it does not effect you are your family ,then its all just mindless bulls*&$.
Will I leave, No because your stupid antics do not faze me in the least.
You ruin a chat board with this crap, we are here to gain knowledge wisdom and maybe some good stock ideas.
Not to see some immature ass show a downloaded pic of a bobble head!
What are we in Jr high school again!

Yes this is heated discussion about cramer I will give you that but to personally attack a fellow board member because of his beliefs is bulls*&^

I only hope one can mature enough to realize the level of incompetence one has shown and performed, admit the wrong doings and apologize to the whole board for the immature antics which they displayed.

Those know who they are..
To the new incoming members please over look the childish like behavior the few possess as we are not all like that.

We come here to gain knowledge and insight not to watch a bad episode of surreal life.

so I hope we have all learned a lesson because the few bad seeds have shown us nothing but 12 year old games and those like Aiki who have left the forum displayed at least the abilities one only strives to achieve in the game of making money..
I could give a rats a&& about what you think of my opinion on aiki as he at least can Back up what he brings to the table. the rest say they can but they cannot.

Just my two cents.. if I offended you then good you needed to be offended and to the rest sorry you had to read my frustrations!

Thierry Martin
This might be worth asking about (Scottrade is private):


Thierry Martin
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- One Maryland state lawmaker wants to grab the bull by the... Well, let's say it's not exactly by the horns.Delegate LeRoy Myers Jr. wants to outlaw bull testicles and other anatomically explicit vehicle doodads.He said kids shouldn't have to see plastic gonads dangling from a pickup truck trailer hitch.The bill would also apply to things such as mud flaps that show bare breasts or other body parts. But the American Civil Liberties Union is objecting.The ACLU's Meredith Curtis said the proposal is overly broard and could apply to a bumper sticker from an art museum showing Venus de Milo.

I'm sure there must be more pressing issues in Md.

Thierry Martin
Anyone else watch it? My wife's a big fan and now she's got me watching it. It's actually pretty funny. It's on now.

Thierry Martin
for those who missed it last night.

Buffalo Feed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49sqgSv5SE0
Ottawa Feed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVoAOg7_6vo


Thierry Martin
Well i decided to use some of my gains to pay for me to get a real estate license. Hopefully i can do well in real estate so i get more money to invest

Thierry Martin
If you like the real Cramer and calm add this to your browser:


Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
i appreciate Cramer for the entertainment he offers. i respect him for his many accomplishments. from day one of viewing, i have had a self imposed moratorium on trading anything on the Cramer radar screen. i broke this rule once, and only because i had other reasons for the trade. i appreciate your effort to give newbies like myself a reality check. but after a point i am reminded of this article. take it for what it is worth, and keep up the debate!

How to recognize Stock bashers on Message boards, newsgroups and in chat rooms. its too long but you got to read it. LEARNING is a process and an evolution. Learning is not all fluff. Learning is a process of awareness and unfolding development; one must be willing to work at it though.
A year ago when I asked broker friends of mine if the internet message boards will have any affect on a stock. They ALL laughed at me and said those idiots having an affect on a stock!
Well I asked those same friends this last week, and the answer from all YES! message boards and ""shorts" (some) can manipulate with lies, and deceit.
Now think about that, you have elderly that invest and find their way to the message boards only to see false posts about "SEC Violations" and "Class action suits" or you have a Yuppie with a kid to put in college going to these message boards only to see posts by 15-20 (probably 5 or 6 under alias) "pack of shorts" posting the same false stuff about SEC Violations or lawsuits or "there's bad news coming out" ....what do you think they will do ?
It's easier to sell the stock and put the money into the bank for nervous people like the elderly and the Yuppie who needs college funds. THAT'S WHO THE PACK OF SHORTS PRAY ON AND DEPEND ON. They bet on a stock to go down-not up! Understand? And they have just as much money and risk as you. But they have the edge of fear, lies, falsehoods to post and pray on the nervous. Longs don't have that.
Lesson 1: Remember, BASHERS NEVER BASH A BAD STOCK. Watch the board for stocks with no potential. They never have any bashers. Bashers only go after stocks that are going upwards or have excellent potential to go up. Bashers get left behind, so they want to bring the price down.
Lesson 2: BASHERS ALWAYS BRING UP OLD NEWS THAT YOU HAVE HEARD MANY TIMES. New startup companies always have a few bits of bad news. The basher will post this over and over again. The stupid basher will try to make the old news a bit fresher to try to fool you.
Lesson 3: BASHERS POST MANY TIMES A DAY. They try to wear you out. They comment on everything, every other post, and can answer every question. THEY KNOW IT ALL! There is no positive comment they won't bash. They try to control the board. True longs may have to address the bashers or they will appear to the newbies as being the people with all the information.
Lesson 4: BASHERS WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE. Never trust a basher. The truth on startup companies is that many mistakes are made and losses happen. The basher will try to make you believe all startup companies make a profit, release financials every quarter and all aspects of the business run smoothly. THIS IS NOT TRUE. THE BASHERS LIE TO YOU. Startup companies can go years without profits, financials and good business, this is the nature of the beast.
Lesson 5: The bashers know YOU CAN'T VERIFY THEIR STATEMENTS. That's why they make the statements they do.
Lesson 6: The bashers PLAY ON YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. They can lie about information and you couldn't know the difference (unless you have done your assessment of the company and know the truth and facts).
Lesson 7: Bashers play on your lack of patience. YOU have held a penny stock for a while. You knew it will be a big penny stock someday, but the BASHER CAN GET TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR GAIN . That's when the basher is best. You are tired. You have forgotten the goal for the penny stock was to hold it for one year. The basher is bothersome, so you dump it on a bad day. Some others also dump. Then you get mad for your loss and return to let everyone know how mad you are. Then you turn into a basher as well. THE BASHER HAS WON, AND GAINED A NEW PARTNER TOO, to be able to get in at a great price.
Lesson 8: BRING THE PRICE DOWN. That is the basher's job. The truth is not important. Lies are the norm. Post continuously on the board every day. They are trying to hit the newbies visiting the board. They are trying to wear out the longs on the board. They do whatever it takes to wear the longs out.
Lesson 9: BASHERS WILL TRY TO CREATE DOUBT AND GET YOU TO RESEARCH ITEMS THAT THEY KNOW WILL LEAD TO THE CREATION OF DOUBT IN YOU AND IN OTHER STOCKHOLDERS. A typical trick of an advanced basher is to propose that there is a potential "problem" because "we" don't have the facts on a particular subject. The basher dares someone in the group to find out the answer to the question. The basher already knows the answer; the basher already knows what will be found. The power of this tactic is that the basher is now in control of the actions of the stockholders; the basher has you, the stockholder doing HIS/HER due diligence and when you, the stockholder come back to the group with a questionable finding then the basher gains credibility. What to do??? Solution??? Well, I think it's important to find answers but on your own terms. I actually pick up the phone and call the company and talk to the investor relations person or the CEO until I get a satisfactory answer. The problem here is that the advanced basher has you doing his bidding and his work; you have essentially joined his ranks. So, develop your own little Due Diligence package and answer questions by placing the information into the package and referring all new investors to read the answers to questions raised in the Investor Information package but DON'T GET INTO A CONVERSATION WITH THE BASHER REGARDING THE TOPIC. THAT IS WHERE YOU LOSE. DON'T CONVERSE WITH THE BASHER; ANSWER INDIRECTLY; DON'T USE THE BASHERS NAME; DON'T GET INTO A PERSONALITY CONTEST.

Thierry Martin
Thierry it looks like the time has come to merge with Yahoo message boards. The content of this forum has degenerated into personal attacks under the guise of relating to stocks and the market.

Your hands off approach had worked well in the past, as squabbles always worked themselves out in a fairly short period of time. However the recent group of trolls are enjoying the freedom to post as they wish, and it appears they plan on sticking around awhile.

There are some good, knowledgeable people that share their experiences on this forum that are likely to be driven away if this forum continues it's descent into hatersville.

You are probably tired of the games as well and I know you are busy with other projects, but in my opinion it's time to start calling a spade a spade and take the garbage out. There are posters here who's only intent is to argue and ridicule, and they aren't difficult to spot.

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Can anyone help with this? It looks like 99% of the form does not apply to me, but I need to enter something on the form lines.


Thierry Martin
Anyone know the song Andrea Boccelli is singing in the Barilla pasta commercial?

Thierry Martin
Jim Cramer...100% informed about the latest money market trends.
Jim Cramer...always one step ahead of Wall Street.
Jim Cramer...able to decipher money market trends before anyone else!
Jim Cramer...a genuis of the money market, the "Einstein" of the money market.

Owen and friends,
Mad Money Fan Club,
Sydney, Australia

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Jim Cramer...the most charismatic individual ever to rock the Wall Street scene! Cramer has brought charisma, flair and attitude to the often dull and boring world of stocks, shares, market trends and Wall Street.
Jim Cramer has put of spark of energy into the stock and money market.
Mad Money....the ultimate reality TV show! In fact, the only reality TV show where people can LEARN something. Keep up the good work Jim!
Owen and friends,
Mad Money Fan Club,
Sydney, Australia

Thierry Martin
In my illustrious investing career, I must brag that after a year and half of following Cramer, while I am not in the league of those callers to Cramer who tell him that after only a week of watching the show, they have already sent ten kids to Harvard, bought a seat at Harvard, taken a trip around the world with Buffett with Cramer's stocks, I can, however, pick stocks that bob like a darn fishing cork--Karma, do not nail me on a little braggadocio on my ability to buy a "Google" and put it in the "bob" stage

Okay, "Fast Money": these guys teach me how little I know and in a short lifetime can know about investing, thank you very much

They scare me, actually, with all their jabber that translates out to how mean Wall Street is, with all their short selling, option and future trading, and gawd knows what else...Cramer makes it seem so easy, then I watch "Fast Money" on how the pros nail you unless you travel in and out ever so precisely with them

I will stick with some "Mad Money" plays, but for real investing I will let my mutual fund do the heavy lifting

In sum: you won't hear me calling Cramer about how much money I have made in a week of watching him, and this makes me feel like crap, because I do my homework! Thank gawd, the callers who have made a fortune in a week of watching the show do not know about the "Fast Money" crowd lurking about Wall Street with their long knives sheated for the show with smiles and good fellowship

Thierry Martin

Make no mistake, I am borderline giggly over this win

For too long, all we had was Conference Calls to gloat over, so you scoffed at us

Well, we got our own puffy lip Anna who might scurry over to FOX to be with the other puffy lipped news readers, SO HAHAHA, WE MAY ALSO HAVE OUR OWN ANNA v. PARRIS HILTON PUFFY LIP CIVIL WAR BREWING, SO STAY THA-HECK OUT 'CAUSE YOU AIN'T WELCOME!!


(To CNBC, with FOX Business Network brewing, you need to steal the Make Up artiste who discovered that male viewers subconsciously love Puffed Lips as well as legs, because Puffed Lips remind us males of...)

(To gawd: thank you, thank you, thank you for this type of war)

Thierry Martin
This ad is positively infectious!




OK, I love teddybears, too

Thierry Martin
Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Great Value Peanut Butter Products Beginning with Product Code 2111 Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination.

I heard the news release on Thursday morning while listening to local radio.

My 9 year old daughter stayed home from school Monday complaining of stomach pain and nausea. She slept most of the day which is certainly not her usual demeanor. Later Monday night my wife was up several times with nasea and vomiting. We attributed it at the time to a 24-hour bug that has been rampant in the local area.

Both of them had eaten peanut butter sandwiches late Sunday evening along with a bowl of soup. After I heard the news Thursday morning about the product recall I checked my cupboard and found we had a jar of Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter that had just been opened Sunday. It had been purchased Saturday at Publix and had the 2111 code on the jar lid.

My wife returned it today and received a full cash refund. I'd be almost certain the peanut butter was the cause of their upset stomachs on Monday. They're fine now but it was very unpleasant at the time.

Check your cupboards before you fix that sandwich. We didn't have warning in advance. You do !

Thierry Martin
Hey all

I'm newbie in here, and hope this is a good spot for introduction

Just wonderin where can I read forum's rules? I can't see it posted anywhere



Thierry Martin
Anyone know where I can find an example of how to write up Articles of Amendment for a LLC in GA? I've searched the SoS site and they don't have an example up. I want to change one of my articles that states the percentage owners of the LLC.
I figure it shouldn't be too hard to write up, but I'm not sure how strict they are on format/wording.

Thierry Martin
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -- A judge sentenced two former Enron energy traders involved in the scheme to manipulate California energy prices to two years' probation and a $10,000 fine each Wednesday after they cooperated with authorities in the case.
Former Enron executive Jeffrey Richter pleaded guilty in February 2003 to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with Enron's power trading schemes in California. Timothy Belden, Enron's former top West Coast energy trader, made a similar plea in October 2002.

The Enron schemes to manipulate energy prices during California's 2000-2001 energy crisis are estimated to have cost the most populous state about $42 billion.

Thierry Martin
I thought this was funny, from the Dow Jones Newswire (not my usual source for comedy but you go with what you get):

By David Weidner
A Dow Jones Column

The Big Apple is a flyover town. A pit stop en route to places where they
actually do business.

New York is bucolic, provincial, unsophisticated, simple. There are just 8.1
million of us. Are we at risk? Let's just hope this turnip truck doesn't hit a
bump. Is Gotham in danger of losing its status as a financial capital? In the
world of capitals, New York isn't even the capital of its own state.

The New York Society of Security Analysts, which is hosting a series of
meetings and speakers Thursday, is the latest group to tackle the so-called
issue of New York's ability to compete among the world's financial markets.
The alarms have been ringing so loud for so long, you have to wonder if there
is anyone left in this town to attend.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Charles Schumer and "et tu" Gov. Eliot Spitzer
joined hands Jan. 23 to trumpet a 142-page report by McKinsey & Co. that
concludes New York is on its way out as a financial capital. The cause, of
course, is excessive regulation. Some of the decline also appears to be due to
frivolous lawsuits - apparently, the same sort that brought down Rome.

They say it is a city without purpose. Technology has eliminated the need to
actually be in New York. The Yankees haven't won a World Series in seven
years. The sky is falling, and we don't just mean the mounds of sleet and snow
that blanketed this small town in the last 24 hours.

A 'Serious' Threat

The city has little to boast about. Financial services represent only 15% of
the city's economy, compared with 8% for all of the U.S. Only six of the
world's top 10 financial institutions by market value are based in New York,
McKinsey said. The bonus pool reached a record $24 billion at the end of 2006.
Employment is near 2000 tech-bubble levels.

Sure, it sounds great. But McKinsey says it's all as good as gone.

There is $51 trillion in U.S. stock, but $38 trillion in Europe, $13
trillion in Asia excluding Japan, $20 trillion in Japan. The U.S. market is
growing at a 6.5% rate compared with between 6.8% and 15.5% for other regions.

The problem is obvious: How did we ever let them get that much stock? Must
have happened on Clinton's watch.

Thierry Martin
its always important to understand the other side of any trade you enter, imo. despite the feeble attempts of the recent hacks, it is important that we discuss the things that are weak about this market. we have to know their game better than they know it themselves. only then do we have the confidence to resist panic and stay with our positions. or understand when we have misjudged a situation and cut our losses.

so, what worries folks?

manipulated markets for one. borrowed from bill cara:

Another term for "shake-out" is "sweep the street" in which a group of conspiring market makers call around to their desks and simultaneously pull their bids, which causes prices to fall, which in turn triggers some near stops. Then after another group phone call (many are on the same squawk box), the bids are re-entered, and the trap closed. Then they take the market up. This practice has been going on for oh maybe 80 years, and I'd guess that many of the leading lights on Wall Street know the game, and may even be experts at it. What is wrong with this, of course, is those market makers hold your orders and they use this knowledge to trade against you. They conspire to rip you off. Wall Steet and Govt facilitates it because of something called a broker-dealer, which is the most conflicted entity the world has ever seen. When brokers are separated from dealers, which are separated from commercial lending banks, then, and only then, will there be a remote chance to have a "fair" market. I have been writing about this problem for almost three years in this blog. I hope the message is sinking in. BTW, I have made these same statements, formally and informally, to securities regulators. They don't and won't take action because regulators first serve vested interests. The public is an after-thought. It's up to all of you to speak up if you have any hope of trading on a level playing field.

Thierry Martin
People are tired of the Republicans(dems winning congress is proof). So I predict that John Edwards will win the elections and become the next president. Hillary is running, but she'll never win, neither will Obama. But either one could join Edwards as a running mate and become vice president. How about that...?

Thierry Martin
What would you put more money into?

For me it?s ?.. potential, fun, emergency fund, retirement VS. guaranteed savings. in 30 years i'd have paid over twice the sale price of my house.

What should take priority? should it be an even split?

Thierry Martin
anyone check out the new site? its actually pretty good, you can up to the minute quotes, it shows short interests, very impressed with the site

Thierry Martin
Just trying to help. Take the quiz.


Thierry Martin
One of the perks of making it big in LooneyWood is you can make movies that you are such a big shot the movie goes on and on and on beyond its logical ending

For example, George Clooney has replaced Kelvin Costner (who burned up his career doing this) as the worst offender in doing this

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas also will not just do a basic movie and let it go

High price pedantic movies cannot let themselves crawlllllllllll to a logical ending either

Hate Tom Cruise, but he allows movies to end, plus his movies have logical beginning and middle as well

It is a shame Cruise cannot live his real life the same way

Reply With Quote

Thierry Martin


To my Anna (1967 -2007):


Thierry Martin
Any one else into Single Malt Scotch Whisky?
I am sitting here with a 21 year old Balvenie from a Portwood cask. Absolutely terrific. Looking at a Glenlivet Nadura 16 next.

Thierry Martin
Watchtv shows up at the doctors office, tells the doctor his penis is orange. The doc looks at it and sure enough bright orange.
Doc asks watch if he works with chemicals, nope
Asks if he works with radiation, nope
Dumbfounded the doc says, lets go through your day and see if that leads us anywhere, what is your daily routine.
Watch says, Nothing unusual doc, I get home from work at five, then I usually just sit around watching porn films and eating cheese doodles.

Thierry Martin
as if that were possible!

Murdoch sees fall launch of biz channel

By SETH SUTEL, AP Business Writer Thu Feb 8, 6:44 PM ET

NEW YORK - Rupert Murdoch said Thursday that a business news channel his media company News Corp. plans to launch in the fall will be more "business-friendly" than its rival CNBC.

Speaking at a media and technology conference in New York, Murdoch said there would be more details on the long-awaited channel announced soon. He said there was a "great opportunity" there.

The project has been in the works for several years, and the company has said it would only get launched if enough distribution were in place. Recently the company signed up Time Warner Cable, a division of Time Warner Inc. that is the second-largest cable provider in the country.

Murdoch, speaking in a question-and-answer session with Steve Adler, the editor of Business Week magazine, said the new Fox business channel would be friendlier to the business world than CNBC, which is a unit of General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal.

"They leap on every scandal," he said.

except maybe bartiromo and citigroup?!?


Thierry Martin
I need to get rid of my p.o.s. ford pickup truck and thought ya'll might have some insight on what to get. My Ford has been nothing but trouble. I think its the first year they came out with the 6 litre turbo diesel and it's a lemon.

The problem is if you need a one ton truck you're left with only the big three to choose from. The new Toyota Tundra is nice but it's only a half ton. Any suggestion?

Thierry Martin
sorry i can't link; note the special highlight:

He also makes a point about the value of US stocks compared to the price of gold. Since the US market recovered from the tech-stock bubble bursting in 2000 the Dow Jones value is only half what it once was compared to the price of gold. So while the NYSE and NASDAQ are pushing records, an ounce of gold would now buy roughly twice as many units of stock as seven years ago.

02-09-07 06:15 AM
Investment guru warns of ?biggest asset bubble ever?
By Scott Neil

Famous for his contraire approach to investments and looking in the opposite direction to ?the herd? for money-making investment opportunities, Swiss-born Dr. Marc Faber delivered his brand of wisdom to an audience of money managers during a stop-off in Bermuda.
Over the past 37 years he has built a track-record for predicting market trends. On the whole he has got it right more often than not. His monthly ?Gloom, Boom and Doom Report? highlights his unusual investment opportunities and is available online on a subscription-only basis.
People pay to know what Dr. Faber is tipping next. No surprise then that the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute of Bermuda wanted to know his latest ideas.
Before his presentation at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess he spoke to The Royal Gazette about world markets.
The million dollar question was: Where will the smart money be going next? Would it be China, India, Vietnam, or one of the other emerging markets?
A direct answer, such as sticking a pin in a map of the world and Dr. Faber exclaiming confidently: ?Put your cash right there!? was, alas, not forthcoming.
Instead, like a whimsical astrologer, he spoke in general terms and allowed the listener ? and the reader ? to seek clues within his train of thought.
With Wall Street and other stock exchanges seemingly hitting record highs on a weekly basis everything is rosy, isn?t it?
Dr. Faber blows away some of the smoke that surrounds the bigger picture as he observes: ?Since 2002 everything has been going up. Stocks, bonds, commodities, gold are all up. But the US market has lost out relative to other markets like India, China and Vietnam.?
He also makes a point about the value of US stocks compared to the price of gold. Since the US market recovered from the tech-stock bubble bursting in 2000 the Dow Jones value is only half what it once was compared to the price of gold. So while the NYSE and NASDAQ are pushing records, an ounce of gold would now buy roughly twice as many units of stock as seven years ago.
So there is a false illusion within the current feel-good boom, Dr. Faber contends.
?It is possible for the Dow Jones to go up but the value of the US dollar to go down,? he said.
There is another dark cloud to worry about when looking at the US market, said the economist. ?We have had a rally in the US economy since 2002. It is the second longest stretch without a 10 percent correction. There was a rally that started in July 2006, after a small correction, and we have not yet had a two percent correction to that (as would have been expected).?
During the 1970s the Dow Jones would typically fluctuate between 20 and 25 percent. But recent years have seen ?ultra-low volatility?.
Dr. Faber warns: ?Something will happen. I think we will have a series of setbacks in the asset markets, something like 10-25 percent. The value of bonds will go down as interest rates go up.?
Bonds are a poor investment at the moment, in Dr. Faber?s view, although he can see the yield on bonds dramatically improving in the future.
So much for the US. But what about the rest of the world? What about the emerging markets and the so-called tiger economies of South East Asia, an area Dr. Faber knows well as he is based there.
?Asia is less correlated to the rest of the world markets,? he said, explaining that China now produces more aluminium and steel than the US, mostly for its own economic requirements.
Dr. Faber senses that investment liquidity has tightened and he feels there will be corrections within the booming stock markets of China, India and Vietnam.
?In the near-term I would say I?m cautious about those markets, ? he said, before correcting himself: ?No, not cautious, I?d say negative.?

Thierry Martin
Anna Nicole Smith Dies


Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Anybody wanna sell thair Apple ipod?
Preferably a nano. PLease private message me.

Thierry Martin
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Thierry Martin
The good news is that about 2000 years ago Jesus Christ(God the Son) paid for everyone's sins or wrong doing by dying on the cross and rising from the dead after three days.

Jesus Christ had to be both God and man because He is sinless and therefore He is the only person who can get us into Heaven when we die because He is the only One who could pay for our sins.

The Holy Bible says, "That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God(The Father) raised Jesus Christ from the dead, you will be saved." {Romans 10:9}

You should not wait until later to get saved because you may die before you get another chance and you will miss Heaven.

The Holy Bible describes Heaven as a beautiful place where people live forever with no death, sorrow, sickness and pain. {Revelation 21:4}

Hell is described as a place of suffering forever for all those who are not saved. {Matthew 13:50}

If you want to be sure you will go to Heaven after this life is over just pray a meaningful prayer right now from your heart to God like the one below and you will be saved.

Dear God I want to be saved. Dear Jesus Christ Son of God I want to make you my personal Lord and Savior. Please forgive me of my sins or things I have done wrong in my life. Thanks Jesus Christ for taking my punishment for my sins by shedding your sinless blood on the cross and dying for my sins. Jesus Christ I now confess you as my Lord and believe in my heart that God(The Father) raised you from the dead. Amen.

If you just allowed God to save you then welcome to the family of God because you are now a Christian on your way to Heaven.

You can learn more about Jesus Christ if you read the Holy Bible and a good place to start reading is the book of John.

Ronald L. Grossi
RonaldLGrossi@yahoo.com ? my home e-mail address
http://www.GotQuestions.org/now-what.html ? go here if you just got saved

Thierry Martin
This site is legit, check the forums for proof that many people got some money =D (click on the banner)

You do offers and you get points for the offers you do, you can check out the money when you have $2+.. i LOVE this sitee yay


Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Expecting coldest day in years tommorrow. Might hit 6 deg f. Bullish for oil. Lotsa whining on the local news, probably gonna lose a few homeless and elderly.
Here's an interesting weather link.

Drill down to January data, on the 17th the summit was -32 deg F, and winds were 111 mph. Might see that beat tonight or tomorrow.

Thierry Martin
On the weekend, Cramer has his cheap Scotch and even cheaper linoleum rug, and moi has HBO and no "Mad Money," but he does have his favorite movie genre:

3 sets of young people head South or through the desert

One femme is a variation of Paris Hilton
One is beautiful and no non-sense
One is a nerdy

One male is a jock, usually black
One male is a male model
One male is a combination of geek and goofy, but horny

OK, in two or three cars they head out
They end up in a town off the map
Cell phones don't work

The town is full of crazed lunnies from some scientific experiment or the town is built over an Indian burial ground, except for one good citizen, who is usually a real goober
The visitors are hacked down to one male and one female

As an aside, females in these movies insist upon wearing high heels to run in to trip so the hacker can have at them

Cameras pan out for the end: Two discheveled young people suddenly thrown into Hamletian dilemma for their Spring Break...Thankfully, with 20 minutes of credits and mood music moi can also reflect upon life at the superficial level--There is nothing wrong with the schmaltzy if done bloody well (Noel Coward said it was extraordinary how potent cheap music is. Moi says ditto with cheap movies done well)

Moi's favorite movie of this genre has to be "2001 Maniacs," a delightful, unpretentious film, though there is perhaps 1 couple too many

Moi thinks the winning key is how totally tasteless, offensive and completely ridiculous the movie is, yet it works

Contrast this with "The Hills Have Eyes," in which a suburban American Family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people, the terrifying offspring of miners left behind in the days when atomic tests spread radioactive fallout across the desert--of course, all this happen far away from the civilization and cell phone service is awful

Moi was soon screaming at his TV: where-are-the-3 couples of young people? Puh-leaze! Hel-lo! I-WANT-MY-PARIS-HILTON TRIPPING

These movies simply do not work with a family! Geez

Thierry Martin
The center of the Bible

This is pretty strange or odd how it worked out this way. Even if you are not religious, you should read this.

What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?

Answer: Psalms 117

What is the longest chapter in the Bible?

Answer: Psalms 119

Which chapter is in the center of the Bible?

Answer: Psalms 118

Fact: There are 594 chapters before Psalms 118

Fact: There are 594 chapters after Psalms 118

Add these numbers up and you get 1188

What is the center verse in the Bible?

Answer: Psalms 118:8

Does this verse say something significant about God's perfect will for our lives? The next time someone says they would like to find God's perfect will for their lives and that they want to be in the center of His will, just send them to the center of His Word!

Psalms 118:8 (NKJV) "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

Now isn't that odd how this worked out (or was God in the center of it)?

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Take "Gone with the Wind": OK, the credits for this movie is two minutes, while the credits for "Stinker II" is five minutes--A "Star War" sequel's credit is as long as the movie

(1) Does the person handling First Aid need credit?
(2) Does every extra in the background need to be listed?
(3) And so on...

Consider how much money could be saved on credits if five million dollars plus is meaningful

Now are all these listings because of the unions? Unions sure help Ford and GM

I confess I do enjoy in the credits to see the "Assistants to blah-blah," because this gives me immense pleasure seeing who is gay, e.g., if the male star has a male assistant, this flashes, "G-gay!" If it is a female to a male star, then I know who his main squeeze was when the picture was made

(Sadly, Rock Hudson came a gnat's hair too late for this movie star goody, and my cheap, cheap giggling pleasure)

It cannot get much better for the rich and famous when yet another perk is a studio has to give credit (and a few thousand dollars) to your love-of-the-moment (as well also as adding you in as another of the zillions of Executive producers for more loot)

I bet this beats the heck out of Viagra

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It is with a heavy heart that I report that Barbaro was euthanized this morning due to complications involving his injured leg. He put up a brilliant fight over the past 8 months.

My avatar is a photo of the current Kentucky Derby winner's silks, Barbaro. It was taken on Breeder's Cup Saturday at Churchill in November 2006. I will continue to use it as a reminder to never give up and to always fight to the bitter end.

Please keep Barbaro in your thoughts and prayers.

Barbaro news and updates

Barbaro, winner of the Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (G1) whose battle to overcome injuries suffered in the Preakness Stakes (G1) attracted worldwide attention and a legion of fans, was euthanized on Monday morning at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.

Gretchen Jackson, who owned and bred the Dynaformer colt along with her husband, Roy, said that Barbaro's front feet were beginning to become affected by the limited ability of both his laminitic left hind foot and his fused right limb that was shattered in the Preakness Stakes to bear weight.

The decision was made early Monday after consulting with Dean Richardson, D.V.M., chief surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania's veterinary school.

?There was not a foot that was not affected,? Gretchen Jackson said. ?He just would not lie down. He had not layed down for two days now. That can't be good for him. He's got to get the weight off of his feet. They were bringing him in and out of the sling, but his front feet were showing signs of laminitic changes and we just thought rather than put him through any more else. He had been good up to the beginning of this month, and then everything went.?

Barbaro, who became the sixth undefeated Derby winner in history when he won the 2006 Derby by 6 1/2 lengths, demonstrated considerable discomfort on his right hind foot over the weekend and underwent surgery to insert two pins in his right hind cannon bone in an effort to eliminate all weight bearing from the right foot on Saturday. The procedure was described as a last ditch effort to keep Barbaro comfortable enough to continue his recovery.

?Dean said, ?The good stuff takes a long time, and the bad goes fast,' ? Gretchen Jackson said. ?That seems like that's what it was, it went really fast. We all are really, really confident that he didn't suffer. We know that he was pain free and we just didn't ever want to see him?it's an issue of pain and quality of life. If it's not going to happen, it's just not going to happen. We just owed it to him to give him the best.?

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What's your take?

Here?s my story and I'm sticking to it:

Manning shows up and Colts defense don't let him down. I'm taking Dungy on the road over the Ravens.
Tom Brady, one loss as a starter in the post season, simply amazing. Well, make that two losses. I'm taking Philip Rivers and L.T. to beat Bellicheck and Brady, won't even be close.

Colts vs. Chargers
sorry Manning, not your year........ AGAIN!!
Chargers play in Super Bowl XLI

Philadelphia's hot! Garcia's hot! Only one loss as a starter this season, but wait, he suddenly remembers who he is, he's Jeff Garcia people!! I'm taking the Saints over the Eagles at the Superdome. Two words, Brees and Bush, 'nuff said.
Seattle doesn't look very hot right now. Hasselbeck isn't on top of his game and Alexander is slowing down. But guess what the Bears do wrong? That's right, they play offense and Rex Grossman doesn't call in sick. He shows up and Seahawks win on the road in Soldier Field.

Saints vs. Seahawks
no need to explain here..
Saints play in Super Bowl XLI

Saints vs Chargers for the Lombardi trophy.
New Orleans, you've suffered enough, 2007 is your year!!

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Some of us are hating life.

Do any of you do your own taxes? Is it worth saving the money?

Thierry Martin
Lets say for example I have a $2500 credit card bill at 19% APR. At the end of the first month I make $300 payment. I'm assuming they apply interest charges to the amount after my payment, in this case $2200. Is that correct? Probably a really stupid question but I'm just wondering...


To figure out the percentage of interest charged monthly do I simply divide the APR by 12? If not, how do I figure that out?

One last thing:

Let's take the same card ($2500 balance, 19% APR) and say I want to pay exactly $300 a month on it. What is the equation to figure out how long it will take to pay that balance off? (Im sure there's some accountants out there...) Assume all payments are on time, no late fees, fixed APR, blah, blah, blah...

These are just some things no one has ever explained to me and I would really like to feel more educated about...

Thanks in advance,

Thierry Martin
Jack wakes up with a huge hangover the night after a business function.

He forces himself to open his eyes and the first thing
he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of
water on the side table. And, next to them, a single
red rose!

Jack sits up in bed and sees his clothing in front of
him, all clean and pressed.

Jack looks around the room and sees that it is in
perfect order, spotlessly clean. So is the rest of the house. He
takes the aspirins, cringes when he sees a huge black
eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror and
notices a note on the table: "Honey, breakfast is on
the stove, I left early to go shopping - Love you!!"

He stumbles to the kitchen and sure enough, there is
hot breakfast and the morning newspaper. His son is
also at the table, eating. Jack asks, "Son...what
happened last night?"

"Well, you came home after 3 am, drunk and out of your
mind. You broke the coffee table, puked in the hallway
and got that black eye when you ran into the door."

So, why is everything in such perfect order, so clean,
I have a rose, and breakfast is on the table waiting
for me?"

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I thought I'd relay a neat extension I found for the Firefox browser, it's called Cooliris and allows you to quickly see the content of a link on a page my simply mousing over it, it even works on forums. Very small and unobtrusive application:

Cooliris Previews

by The Cooliris Team

More previews?
***** UPDATED DECEMBER 8, 2006 *****

Cooliris Previews 2.1 for Firefox gives you the power to browse faster and send links instantly.

? Simply mouse over the Cooliris link icon, and a preview window will instantly appear to show you the underlying content. No more clicking back and both, or leaving your current page.

? To email a link instantly, just right-click on any web page.

? Right-click on any phrase to have Cooliris automatically do a subsearch in Google, Wikipedia, or a dictionary.

? Customize how and when you want the preview window to appear. (See our developer notes below)

Cooliris Previews 2.1 does not contain any adware or spyware whatsoever.

FIND A BUG OR NEED HELP? Please email us at bugs@cooliris.com so we can help you, rather than reporting it here.
Works with:
Firefox 1.0 - 3.0a1 ALL Mozilla 1.7 - 1.8 ALL


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hey all i am new to this site and kinda new to the market. i just recently (about 6 months ago) started watching cramers' show and i must say that he is a very intersting person to watch! anyways the reason i am posting this is because i want to learn as much about the market as possible before i start trading and making/losing money..... just to start i know about as much as a 2 year old does about the market. so any and all information yall have to offer would be greatly appreciated. i am looking forward to learning a great deal of information from yall. thank you for your time

Thierry Martin
from the Wall Street Journal (1/17/07: D1):

Kevin McCarty, long a devout Google user, recently discovered a search engine he often finds more helpful. It's called SearchMash.com, and unlike Google and other major search sites, it pulls up video, images and text all at the same time.

"I absolutely hate having to go from page to page to get a combination of image and Web results," says Mr. McCarty, a 42-year-old computer consultant in Nashville, Tenn. "SearchMash saves lots of time."

It turns out, though, that SearchMash is Google. In recent months, the top search engine and its main rivals have stealthily set up a new generation of search engines where they try out new tools and features on consumers -- without putting their tried-and-true formulas at risk. If something proves to be a hit -- the combined search results that Mr. McCarty likes so much, for instance -- it could eventually be folded into the parent site. For now, though, these sites provide an entertaining and even useful glimpse into the evolution of Web, and in particular, search engines, which in their basic operation haven't changed much in years.

Google Inc. launched SearchMash.com in September without the Google name, although it is mentioned in the site's privacy policy. SearchMash displays a subset of the normal Google search results in an entirely different interface with collapsible menus for video, blog and image results on the same screen. In December, IAC/InterActiveCorp.'s Ask.com launched Ask X, which chops up the results page into an unconventional three-panel format. Standard search results are flanked on the left by suggested terms to help you narrow or expand your search and, on the right, by results broken down by categories such as news and dictionary results.

Yahoo Inc. now uses AlltheWeb.com and AltaVista.com, both of which it acquired in recent years, to experiment with processes like livesearch, a feature that will start suggesting search terms for you when you type just one letter. Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Live unit recently launched MsDewey.com, a search engine where users pose their query to prerecorded video clips of an actress playing the role of Ms. Dewey, a brassy and attractive woman in a low-cut black dress. The site is helping Microsoft test users' tolerance for a fancy interface with high-resolution images and audio. In response to a particular search query, Ms. Dewey pipes back with one of some 1,000 scripted responses pegged to what the user typed. (The search results appear on the side). If you search for "President Bush," for instance, one possible response from the actress may be: "Hey there, big guy, watch it ... or maybe I should just turn your name over to the Justice Department."

All of the leading search brands have operated their own internal test sites and labs for years. They frequently test layout and formatting tweaks on their main sites, often without users knowing. But now they are making their bold new ideas more public and asking users for feedback. Ask X links to a feedback form where users can submit random thoughts about the quality of the results. SearchMash devotes space on its results page to a box that asks users to select whether the results in categories like Web, image, blog and video search were useful.

With the exception of MsDewey.com, which is largely for entertainment, the sites aim to test new features that may make search more successful, often hoping to fold them back into core sites if they prove popular. Users don't have to rate the features to try them. Unlike other search sites that ask users to rate the accuracy of results to create a community-driven search formula, these sites generally stick to the same set of search results you would find on the branded site, but package them in new ways. For example, all four search engines so far have resisted combining various types of search -- like image search, video search and local search -- on one screen, worried that consumers would find it too messy.

But the spinoffs are embracing that approach, often displaying results from multiple sources on the same screen. Another theme: trying to better guess users' intentions and help them change their mind without starting their search all over again. Google SearchMash, which swaps new features in and out every few weeks, has experimented with blending in spell-check-adjusted results. Yahoo's livesearch -- which pulls up possible queries before the user is finished typing -- was launched first on AlltheWeb.com and is now on next.yahoo.com, the company's site for test projects.

Thierry Martin
Reminds moi of oil traders: you win a little to a lot, but you win

Hurting people? Haw, haw, haw, and Booyah!


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(1) "At the end of World War I, the League of Nations granted the area to the United Kingdom as a mandate. It was formed out of three former Ottoman vilayets (regions): Mosul, Baghdad and Basra..." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq)

(2) Am I glad Saddam is gone? Yea! Now, we only have the thugs left ruling about a 100 of the countries in the U.N., but Saddam was a start!

(3) Can American soldiers lock down Bagdad? Yea, so tight the city will positively squeak, until we leave

(4) Unlike our civil war, their civil war will be religious based

(5) Thomas J. Friedman (N.Y. Times 12/20/06) For a long time, I let my hopes for a decent outcome in Iraq triumph over what I had learned reporting from Lebanon during its civil war. Those hopes vanished last summer. So, I'd like to offer President Bush my updated rules of Middle East reporting, which also apply to diplomacy, in hopes they'll help him figure out what to do next in Iraq.

Rule 1: What people tell you in private in the Middle East is irrelevant. All that matters is what they will defend in public in their own language. Anything said to you in English, in private, doesn't count. In Washington, officials lie in public and tell the truth off the record. In the Mideast, officials say what they really believe in public and tell you what you want to hear in private.

Rule 2: Any reporter or U.S. Army officer wanting to serve in Iraq should have to take a test, consisting of one question: ''Do you think the shortest distance between two points is a straight line?'' If you answer yes, you can't go to Iraq. You can serve in Japan, Korea or Germany -- not Iraq.

Rule 3: If you can't explain something to Middle Easterners with a conspiracy theory, then don't try to explain it at all -- they won't believe it.

Rule 4: In the Middle East, never take a concession, except out of the mouth of the person doing the conceding. If I had a dollar for every time someone agreed to recognize Israel on behalf of Yasir Arafat, I could paper my walls.

Rule 5: Never lead your story out of Lebanon, Gaza or Iraq with a cease-fire; it will always be over before the next morning's paper.

Rule 6: In the Middle East, the extremists go all the way, and the moderates tend to just go away.

Rule 7: The most oft-used expression by moderate Arab pols is: ''We were just about to stand up to the bad guys when you stupid Americans did that stupid thing. Had you stupid Americans not done that stupid thing, we would have stood up, but now it's too late. It's all your fault for being so stupid.''

Rule 8: Civil wars in the Arab world are rarely about ideas -- like liberalism vs. communism. They are about which tribe gets to rule. So, yes, Iraq is having a civil war as we once did. But there is no Abe Lincoln in this war. It's the South vs. the South.

Rule 9: In Middle East tribal politics there is rarely a happy medium. When one side is weak, it will tell you, ''I'm weak, how can I compromise?'' And when it's strong, it will tell you, ''I'm strong, why should I compromise?''

Rule 10: Mideast civil wars end in one of three ways: a) like the U.S. civil war, with one side vanquishing the other; b) like the Cyprus civil war, with a hard partition and a wall dividing the parties; or c) like the Lebanon civil war, with a soft partition under an iron fist (Syria) that keeps everyone in line. Saddam used to be the iron fist in Iraq. Now it is us. If we don't want to play that role, Iraq's civil war will end with A or B.

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Who works in real estate? If so, what city and what do you do?

Thierry Martin
I need a new laptop and though i'd buy an apple but compusa said you can not attach a broadband wireless card to it the way i can my pc. Apples wireless only works if your near an apple base, can this be right?

Thierry Martin
What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy


Published: January 17, 2007

The human mind isn?t very well equipped to make sense of a figure like $1.2 trillion. We don?t deal with a trillion of anything in our daily lives, and so when we come across such a big number, it is hard to distinguish it from any other big number. Millions, billions, a trillion ? they all start to sound the same.

The way to come to grips with $1.2 trillion is to forget about the number itself and think instead about what you could buy with the money. When you do that, a trillion stops sounding anything like millions or billions.

For starters, $1.2 trillion would pay for an unprecedented public health campaign ? a doubling of cancer research funding, treatment for every American whose diabetes or heart disease is now going unmanaged and a global immunization campaign to save millions of children?s lives.

Combined, the cost of running those programs for a decade wouldn?t use up even half our money pot. So we could then turn to poverty and education, starting with universal preschool for every 3- and 4-year-old child across the country. The city of New Orleans could also receive a huge increase in reconstruction funds.

The final big chunk of the money could go to national security. The recommendations of the 9/11 Commission that have not been put in place ? better baggage and cargo screening, stronger measures against nuclear proliferation ? could be enacted. Financing for the war in Afghanistan could be increased to beat back the Taliban?s recent gains, and a peacekeeping force could put a stop to the genocide in Darfur.

All that would be one way to spend $1.2 trillion. Here would be another:

The war in Iraq.

In the days before the war almost five years ago, the Pentagon estimated that it would cost about $50 billion. Democratic staff members in Congress largely agreed.

Lawrence Lindsey, a White House economic adviser, was a bit more realistic, predicting that the cost could go as high as $200 billion, but President Bush fired him in part for saying so.

These estimates probably would have turned out to be too optimistic even if the war had gone well. Throughout history, people have typically underestimated the cost of war, as William Nordhaus, a Yale economist, has pointed out.

But the deteriorating situation in Iraq has caused the initial predictions to be off the mark by a scale that is difficult to fathom. The operation itself ? the helicopters, the tanks, the fuel needed to run them, the combat pay for enlisted troops, the salaries of reservists and contractors, the rebuilding of Iraq ? is costing more than $300 million a day, estimates Scott Wallsten, an economist in Washington.

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What can I say?

You be awesome!

Not since right after World War II have you been so, so, well, awake!

I was beginning to wonder about you--maybe you needed to turn over the reigns of Cosmic Justice to someone else, but, but, well, what can I say!

Just this morning I awoke and did as Master Cramer says do and checked-out the N.Y. Times front page, and there was your game being discussed as if you were a sport's star--wow!

Then, I checked out Drudge--again, wow-w gurl!

I thinkest if I was one of the world's thug-rulers I might get my loot out to Switzerland and then scat

Anyway, keep making my mornings and 2007 nice

Booyah, you rule!

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First post here, I'm hoping someone can simply point me in the right direction. My situation:
Im 25 years old, I make $34,000 a year workin' a pretty standard fourty hour a week job. I'm currently contributing 6% (the max my employer will match) of my paycheck to a 401k and plan on putting roughly $1000 into an IRA in '07.

I apologize in advance for this being such a general question but here goes: I'd like to start earning a little 'passive income'. I just don't even know the first thing about investing. Can anyone suggest some books for me to read? Websites (other than this one) for me to visit?

How much do I need to get started?

I really appreciate any thoughts whatsoever.

Again, sorry so general, I just don't really know where to start.

Thierry Martin
(1) Cramer has taught me you cannot be too cynical enough or sociopathic enough, fast enough to keep up with Capitalism's "Invisible Iron Fist" in a velvet glove

(2) Now that I own a wad of Level3 when I go to my email accounts and see an ever increasing amount of spam, which Yahoo and Google nicely put in a spam folder I can easily empty, me thinks, "YES-S!!"--Load down thar "pipes" with ads for "Via*gra" and to Nigeria: keep pumping out some minister wanting me to help him get a zillion dollars worth of loot out of the company--"GO NIGERIA!!" (Oh, oh, as an aside to Nigeria: loved your rebels back a few months ago helping drive up oil prices--By the way, could you wake them back up, if you take requests? We Capitalist sho need oil back in a feeding frenzy...)

Some CNBC Talking Head last week predicts soon that 95% of email will soon be spam--me thanks: "YES-S!!"

(3) (YouTube and the like, I LOVE!! Booyah for on-line video--PACK THEM THAR "PIPES"!! -- Have you uploaded your family photo album in HD, well, darn it, you should, 'cause every useless bit and byte you upload helps the cause of making me money and my brain chemistry is all there is)

Spam has replaced Greed or augmented Greed--BOOYAH!! FOR CAPITALISM!!

Thierry Martin
If you haven't tried this site out you should, I've been there for around 5 years now I think, trade sports players and teams just like stocks, good way to spend time. If you need help with how to get started let me know.


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Now go after Chris Matthews and Shaun Hannity if you are taking requests for some more blowhards to get some press on

Thierry Martin
I have been investing for a few years and have a good little bit in mutuals and sundry investments. Have been thinking about selling off some of the investments to pay off some credit card and new car debt, but I'm making more money in the market than I would save by paying off debt. Seems like a no brainer to keep investing, looking for others opinions.

Thierry Martin
So I have a traditional IRA and I was thinking about converting it to a Roth if I make the trader status election with the IRS this year. Would this be beneficial? I won't be able to deduct the contributions to the simple IRA anyway will I? I understand the downside is that I will have to pay the taxes on the amount converted in the year it is done. Since I'm self employed I can't contribute pre-tax money to an IRA can I ?

Tia for your responses.

Thierry Martin
Good Lord my Buckeyes look awful at halftime. Nice work Tressel

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Particularly a segment as opposed to the "Lightning Round"

If so, any thoughts and what was it like?

How did you just so happen have a question that could relate to a segment?

Thierry Martin
just in case you can't think of something to get your loved one...


Thierry Martin
I found this funny game with Jim and some of his CNBC friends. You have to play to see where Mr Cramer shows up.

Market Crashers

Thierry Martin
most folks on this board take options back dating for granted. perhaps we should explain this new wrinkle to John Q Public, and its effect on his 401k.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. securities regulators have amended a rule they adopted in July on disclosing executive pay, allowing companies in most cases to report lower upfront values for stock options granted to top executives.


As adopted July 26, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rule would have required companies to include the value of unvested stock options - options that cannot be exercised until subsequent years - in new executive pay disclosures beginning in 2007.

But in a statement issued Friday, the commission said it had changed the disclosure rule to match stock option accounting expense requirements which only require the cost of vested options -- those an executive can currently exercise -- to be counted as an expense.

entire story:

Thierry Martin
So, I was wondering where the public outcry is for an investment company that made $9.4 billion in profits this year? I mean, xom was villified for making a paltry 11% profit, while these wall street whiz kids managed 23%. Yeah, I know gs likely did not pull any money out of Joe Consumer's budget, but still, for every dollar gs made, somebody lost one and I wonder if the xom work force's average salary and bonus will = $622k ? Doubtful, otherwise we'd still be hearing the pissing and moaning about it.

No, I don't work for xom or any oil company, I just think it's ridiculous to be upset with them for making a whopping 10% profit margin, and the gs earnings reminded me of the public's and media's tormenting of them. Just a little perspective next time a big oil company posts a record quarter and everyone screams bloody murder.

Thierry Martin
I enjoy homework and research, but I found over the past year my Bookmarks had become unwieldy, so I have started on a year long project of picking out the best and putting them in one location, which you may see in my signature below

It is a year long project, because I am collecting rather generic insights by the month, beginning with December, so, for example, in Dec 07 I can refresh myself in November what to expect

If you use a FREE site often, I would appreciate learning of the site and why this site is unique...For example, I have found only zacks.com offers the PEG ratio (I do not like Yahoo's way), while another site shows Earning Reports Due in a long list rather than tabbed by the day of the week, so I can do a quick scan to see if a stock I like has a Earning Report coming

As a FREE reader, I expect promotional literature, but NOT spam from a site, if I must register...I provide a way around this issue, by the way

Just today I have discovered homework forums here on this forum, which I intend to start using

Thierry Martin
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 — The United States and Britain will begin moving additional warships and strike aircraft into the Persian Gulf region in a display of military resolve toward Iran that will come as the United Nations continues to debate possible sanctions against the country, Pentagon and military officials said Wednesday.

The officials said that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates was expected this week to approve a request by commanders for a second aircraft carrier and its supporting ships to be stationed within quick sailing distance of Iran by early next year.


Thierry Martin
WASHINGTON - Iran is suffering a staggering decline in revenue from its oil exports, and if the trend continues income could virtually disappear by 2015, according to an analysis published Monday in a journal of the National Academy of Sciences.

Iran's economic woes could make the country unstable and vulnerable, with its oil industry crippled, Roger Stern, an economic geographer at Johns Hopkins University, said in the report and in an interview.


Thierry Martin
Tons of choices, what's your budget? The more you trade or are willing to spend the more bells and whistles. Are you looking for a bolt on to your broker acct or a stand alone program? By SEC rule real time is gonna cost something.

Thierry Martin
RIP and miss ya buddy. FZ lives

Thierry Martin
One of my stocks had a reverse split on 12/11. I use tradingdirect and I still do not have access to my shares. I've asked customer support and got the following: "The new shares have not hit your account as of yet. We do not know exactly when they will hit being the shares have to be put in from ADP ,
when they receive them from the stocks agent."

Anyone know how long this normally takes?

Thierry Martin
This is an on-going project of mine

Feel free to spot errors and let me know

I am trying to take Master Cramer's Wisdom and ingrain it

I have two card sets under the Tag of "investing"

The "Stock Symbols" set allows me to play "Lightning Round"


Thierry Martin
I am sitting here and while posting a response to a biotech post elsewhere on the site, a commercial comes on for some drug to "Combat" RLS. I know here in America we never "provide care" for anything, but "War on" or "Battle" or "Combat" things. However is it possible this dreadful anomaly rises to the risk that it needs "Combatting" in our "Battle" to "Wipe Out" RLS? That's right folks the hideous malady that needs "eradication" is that scurge, Restless Leg Syndrome. WTF?
I have this image of a bunch of characters in some drug company sitting around the lunch table having this discussion:
Joe VP: "You guys ever notice how Earl in accounts payable is bouncing his leg under the desk? It was driving us crazy.
Larry VP: "It's horrible, tap tap tap all day"
Joe VP: "Well the boys in veterinary product development spiked his coffee with some stuff they were working with for stopping dogs from scratching and WHAMMO no tapping"
Jerry Sales Mngr: "I'm getting a funny feeling in my stomach, that's where ideas come from. You think we could convince people they need this?"
A round of laughter followed and a bunch of "no way people are that crazy" but Jerry's funny feeling didn't go away. 6 weeks later "Stoptappinall" is born and I am forced to listen to their commercial, makes me want to just get up and take a walk. Oh no! Maybe I don't want to walk, maybe my legs are restless and I just think I need to take a walk! Tap Tap Tap

Thierry Martin
had a very nice day (my best yet) hope you are making yours.

Thierry Martin
I'm no Ford fan, but I imagine those that are can't be to thrilled with this Mustang turned Taurus version. It really tarnishes the image of an American icon imo.


Thierry Martin
I've got some HD stock that I'd like to sell. I've owned it for years and years... probably 10 or so. So, I don't remember what I bought it at and it's split several times since then too. It's also changed companies on who's sold it. It used to be in a DRIP, and then just sitting in a bank and now in Scottrade. How do I figure out what I got it at and how much I've made on it to report it for tax reasons?

Also... Is there a simple way of doing this for all my yearly trading within Scottrade - for the stocks that I bought and sold this year?

Also... what make you a "day trader" and is there any tax related issues there? Should I try not to fall in this section?


Thierry Martin
(This article was originally published Thursday.)

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--The U.S. Minerals Management Service Thursday said it had signed agreements with several oil and gas companies on controversial 1998-1999 leases that omitted royalty price thresholds.
The MMS - which has come under harsh criticism from Congress for its mishandling of the leases - said it had signed agreements with BP PLC (BP), ConocoPhillips (COP), Marathon Oil Company (MRO), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), and Walter Oil and Gas Corporation.
The agency said the companies would pay royalties for production from Oct. 1, 2006, instead of from when the leases were signed as many lawmakers had urged.
MMS spokesman Gary Strasburg said the lost royalties from the leases totaled around $900 million, but a recent Interior Department Inspector General's report said the royalty collection compliance program was so inefficient, the agency couldn't know how much was actually owed the government for all oil and gas royalties.
Strasburg said his department hadn't yet reached a deal with Chevron Corp. (CVX), which earlier this year announced a massive discovery part of which lies under one of the 1998-1999 leases.
Earlier Thursday, the House Government Reform Committee said it was seeking an Attorney General's opinion on whether the government has the authority to recover billions of dollars in lost oil and gas royalties. Also Thursday, House leader-elect Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said one of her top priorities would be to seek the unpaid royalties.
Several Democrats have been pushing to force the companies to re-negotiate or forfeit their ability to sign new leases. Such an amendment only marginally failed to be tacked on the the Offshore Continental Shelf drilling bill that passed Congress last week.
The Government Reform Committee said in its release, however, that according to legal advice from law firm Lowey Dannenberg Bemporad & Selinger, "MMS exceeded its authority in issuing the leases."
The legal analysis "concludes that the administration has the legal recourse to seek recovery of the lost taxpayer revenues."
Assistant Secretary of Land and Minerals Management C. Stephen Allred said in the MMS press release, "I am pleased at the progress we are making on resolving this issue.
"We are continuing to work to resolve this difficult problem in a manner that ensures the American taxpayer receives a fair rate of return," said Allred.
The assistant secretary said the agreements signed Thursday "are a step in the right direction," adding, "we look forward to continuing to work with Congress on this issue."
But Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who has been one of the leaders of the call to force the companies to renegotiate, said, "Their too little, too late efforts to recoup only a small percentage of the billions of dollars of oil and gas royalties that the American people are rightfully owed is pitiful."
A Government Accountability Office said the royalty omission represented an estimated $10 billion in lost revenues for taxpayers.
"When the new Democratic Congress takes office in January, there will be a new cop on the beat to force every big oil company that is currently lining its pockets with taxpayer dollars come back to the negotiating table."
Strasburg said the MMS had not yet calculated how much revenue the deals would garner for taxpayers.
The companies that agreed to a deal are a fraction of the 54 companies that signed the 1998-1999 leases, representing only 17% of the total leases in question.
Other companies that signed the leases include ExxonMobil (XOM), Statoil ASA (STO), Total SA (TOT), Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC), Eni SPA (E), Norsk Hydro ASA (NHY) and Murphy Oil Co. (MUR).

-By Ian Talley, Dow Jones Newswires; (202) 862 9285; ian.talley@dowjones.com;

So let me get this straight; the U.S. Mineral Management Services screws up, and congress wants to sue the oil companies for perceived back-royalties and use strong arm tactics to force them to renegotiate the leases? You think that would fly if the drilling areas were privatley owned and the privately owned company wanted to be reimbursed for making a terrible deal? I wonder how many of those that will vote for this took big oil's money in campaign contributions?

Thierry Martin
Opec and crude inventory levels make a huge impact on crude prices and big oil stocks take off like a raped ape, and right on cue here comes some do gooder non-profit outfit blaming big oil just because the idiots that run BP are screwing up. Those fools need to learn the basic principles behind crude oil trading and ask the people trading it why they buy and sell the way they do. I realize that there could be some illegal trading activities going on at a big oil company and/or hedge fund, and I don't doubt that BP has been involved, but some of the bigger companies have surely been a bigger target with nothing surfacing about them, investigating them all is going to cost a lot of taxpayer money...we could just buy gas with that money

If they want to uncover market manipulation they'll need to do it for all of Wall Street to be fair about it.

By Maya Jackson Randall

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--The U.S. Congress needs to use its subpoena power to launch "a sweeping investigation" into all major U.S. oil firms, a consumer group said Thursday, pointing out that federal regulators plan to bring actions against BP PLC (BP) over its trading practices.
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission intends to bring civil enforcement actions against BP for trading in unleaded-gasoline futures conducted in October 2002.
The CFTC is also probing other aspects of the company's trading practices. And the Justice Department is probing the U.K. oil giant's gasoline trading as well.
Public Citizen, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, argued that federal regulators aren't doing enough and that uncompetitive oil and natural gas markets are allowing oil companies "to manipulate supplies and gouge consumers."
Thus, Congress needs to investigate the trading, storage and transportation practices of all major U.S. oil firms, it said.
"The current (CFTC) investigation of BP is too narrow, and Congress must examine whether such practices are widespread throughout the industry," said Public Citizen in a notice Thursday. "Such an investigation must include Wall Street investment banks and hedge funds, which play an increasingly large role in oil and gas trading markets."
The group also called for lawmakers to restore transparency in energy trading exchanges and to strengthen anti-trust oversight over the oil industry.

Thierry Martin
Imagine your salt mine is Goldman Sachs (yea, the company that gave us Cramer and his "Lightning Round" in its hiring process -- See Cramer's book "Confessions of...")

You toil away at "gs" and bonus time comes and what do you get? Some crappy pile of cash just a gnat's hair worth more than a coal mine in West Virginia!


These poor gs workers cannot even pay to insure Jennifer Lopez's backside — rumored to be worth a cool $1 billion, according to the New York Post.


Thierry Martin
If I live in the US how do I go abouts opening an account to invest in LSE stocks and how differently do I get taxed?

Thierry Martin
Anyone else catch this series on INHD channel? Interesting show about different people involved with Wall Street, and the blonde that raises capital for clients isn't hard on the eyes (smart too).

Thierry Martin
This was a very good and informative film, those enron traders were absolutely cutthroat and brutal, laughing and making crude jokes while they were calling the power plants in California and telling them to shut down until they extorted a higher price from California and then they turn the power back on...incredible stuff.

Thierry Martin
• I am working on a FREE flashcard investing program you may use or help clarify points or correct errors http://www.flashcardexchange.com/ Once there, in the upper left corner search on “Investing” – I am “zyzzyva57”
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• Great charting service: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=QQQ...d=p05005093181
• And http://clearstation.etrade.com/cgi-b...%3fSymbol%3dKO
• Chart School: http://stockcharts.com/education/
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Step 6: If after reading the book and you like it, check eBay or Amazon for a used copy

Do you have any great sights you use almost daily? Share them!

Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin
Hello everyone Bo ya my dad and i are huge fans of the show and the book i want to get my father something for christmas having to do with Jim he has the book and has read that and watches the show religiously. could anyone refer a good present to give him for chrismas?

Thierry Martin
anyone play with this yet? very improved over the old msn site (yawn) folks with no real time might be able to customize the ticker. i like being able to watch santelli whenever i want. overall, two thumbs up, despite the overpowering advertising.

Thierry Martin
Guys I was trying to order this as a christmas present... I think I have confused myself.. Could someone with some computer savvy take a look at these and let me know if they are compatible. I don't have any experience with the ATA-6 notebook hard drives.



The external enclosure has an IDE interface and the harddrive appears to plug into it but I don't know if the ATA-6 harddrive makes any difference?


Thierry Martin

AP - 48 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - Robert Gates, the White House choice to be the next defense secretary, conceded Tuesday that the United States is not winning the war in Iraq and warned that if that country is not stabilized in the next year or two it could lead to a "regional conflagration."

this could be huge. coming from the new sec. of defense.
not an alarming discovery for me, but to publicly admit it, could have a negative effect on our economy - short term.

whats your take?

Thierry Martin
Not a whole lot of real information however one thing he did say that struck me as important. Using a real person investment advisor. I trade on two platforms for a couple of reasons. I use E-trade because my trading volume is such that I save on commissions, and I use Merrill Lynch because of the unparallelled research and the availability of proprietary info, and products that are unavailable using any individual discount broker. But my Merrill financial advisor is key in that he'll pick up the phone and give me a heads up on things, and if I have a technical question it gets answered and the answer has the weight of Merrill behind it, meaning you can believe it without going into case law etc. I am sure GS and Morgan etc. are similar, but can't speak to them first hand.
When the time comes to put your real money to work, a pro on your team is a distinct advantage, and I highly recommend it.

Thierry Martin
Your "booyah" made it to "Dexter" on Showtime

You could almost say this is more fun than a sharp scalpel in the eye

You should easily be able to pull this out of the show to use

My Master this is indeed your big week ahead

When are you going to announce going to Sirius? It would add some oomp to your book tour

Thierry Martin
anyone catch friday's interview? i can see why hes going to the governor's mansion.

Thierry Martin
i only ever managed to talk to one person, but the gabber sure disappeared quickly.

Thierry Martin
I know it gives the date, but what about those other scores, which never change during the show or between shows?

Thierry Martin
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Thierry Martin
As a non-stock guru, I still enjoy playing Cramer, so...

I work with teenagers and this is the result of an informal survey when I asked: "If I gave you $250 gift certificate, what store(s) would you prefer?"

"aro" [Very popular -- Never even heard of the chain till now]
"anf" [its Hollister acquisition is a major plus]

Blah Award: The Gap

Thierry Martin
Why can't I find any "warnings" about HYIP's in any of our .gov sites? Are they real? I looked at the department of commerce but found nothing. Do you know of such a .gov site that is warning consumers? If so I would love to know what it is.

Thanks for your time.

Thierry Martin
New at this, can't take major risk but want to play a little. Cramer says to start with 4 stocks? Is this right? What should the risk ratio be? I am looking at WMI, GRMN, CSCO, BEAS, BAC & NYX or COF or MA. (any thoughts on the last 3) Are these too many to start? Only 3-4K to start with. Help please!

Thierry Martin
Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do

Sunday, November 26th, 2006


Tomorrow marks the day that we will have been in Iraq longer than we were in all of World War II.

That's right. We were able to defeat all of Nazi Germany, Mussolini, and the entire Japanese empire in LESS time than it's taken the world's only superpower to secure the road from the airport to downtown Baghdad.

And we haven't even done THAT. After 1,347 days, in the same time it took us to took us to sweep across North Africa, storm the beaches of Italy, conquer the South Pacific, and liberate all of Western Europe, we cannot, after over 3 and 1/2 years, even take over a single highway and protect ourselves from a homemade device of two tin cans placed in a pothole. No wonder the cab fare from the airport into Baghdad is now running around $35,000 for the 25-minute ride. And that doesn't even include a friggin' helmet.

Is this utter failure the fault of our troops? Hardly. That's because no amount of troops or choppers or democracy shot out of the barrel of a gun is ever going to "win" the war in Iraq. It is a lost war, lost because it never had a right to be won, lost because it was started by men who have never been to war, men who hide behind others sent to fight and die.

Let's listen to what the Iraqi people are saying, according to a recent poll conducted by the University of Maryland:

** 71% of all Iraqis now want the U.S. out of Iraq.

** 61% of all Iraqis SUPPORT insurgent attacks on U.S. troops.

Yes, the vast majority of Iraqi citizens believe that our soldiers should be killed and maimed! So what the hell are we still doing there? Talk about not getting the hint.

There are many ways to liberate a country. Usually the residents of that country rise up and liberate themselves. That's how we did it. You can also do it through nonviolent, mass civil disobedience. That's how India did it. You can get the world to boycott a regime until they are so ostracized they capitulate. That's how South Africa did it. Or you can just wait them out and, sooner or later, the king's legions simply leave (sometimes just because they're too cold). That's how Canada did it.

The one way that DOESN'T work is to invade a country and tell the people, "We are here to liberate you!" -- when they have done NOTHING to liberate themselves. Where were all the suicide bombers when Saddam was oppressing them? Where were the insurgents planting bombs along the roadside as the evildoer Saddam's convoy passed them by? I guess ol' Saddam was a cruel despot -- but not cruel enough for thousands to risk their necks. "Oh no, Mike, they couldn't do that! Saddam would have had them killed!" Really? You don't think King George had any of the colonial insurgents killed? You don't think Patrick Henry or Tom Paine were afraid? That didn't stop them. When tens of thousands aren't willing to shed their own blood to remove a dictator, that should be the first clue that they aren't going to be willing participants when you decide you're going to do the liberating for them.

Thierry Martin
First off, thanks Cramer. Cramerland is fun. Man, you can slow down now and some nights stop hustling, pull up a stool, loosen your tie, and just calmly tell us for the whole show more of the "Secrets of the Temple" stuff and your war stories (a la your great book "Confessions of...").

Next, this year I have enjoyed this forum, because it is fun and not mean. Thank you, Thierry. Great job. (Ditto, thank you posters.)

The hard part of this year is I lost my mother and my former father-in-law to cancer. Out of this, I came to believe there are Angels from Heaven; and in my case, these Angels came in the form of hospice workers and CNAs at the nursing home. They make the Wall Street Hot Shots seem, well, just that. For all their loot, when you go into the Dark Night of the Soul, they are not there. How amazing are people who help the living through death and CNAs who do the 24/7 nasty, nasty clean-up work cancer treatment demands and all for crummy wages.

Therefore, this year, I bit the bullet and had my first Colonoscopy. Naturally, I "Googled" this, and naturally, I asked others. Finally though, I went for it.

It was totally painless, except the night before I had to drink a gallon of stuff best described as drinking a gallon of sodium bicarbonate. Ohmygawd! Anyway, once at the doctor's office, things went efficiently smoothly. The staff thought I would worry about my modestity. I set everyone straight right off by explaining if I had anything south of the ol' border that would spark interest, then this would be an ego trip for me--BOOYAH! I said, "Come on, you see this five days a week, plus you won't remember me five minutes after I leave, though if I impressed you, that would sure be nice." This made everyone feel at ease. (I'm a nice smart aleck.)

I lay there and was watching this screen when it dawned on me I was watching a tour of the inside of me and not spelunking on the Discovery channel. The only thing the doctor found was two Smiley Faces, and he asked me if I wanted them scrapped off the walls of my colon. (It seems there is a happy-to-be-alive bacteria that leaves on the walls on the colon what looks like Smiley Faces.) I told the doctor to leave well enough alone.

When the doctor pops in later and tells you there are no problems, I must confess the feeling that comes on you is better than owning Google--actually better!

Bottom Line: though I do not play a guru even on TV, make next year a winner if you need a Colonoscopy. This is a Super Best of Breed investment even if, God forbid, they find more than Smiley Faces on your colon! Our Master Cramer, I betcha, would agree on this investment advice.

Thierry Martin
Working on a research paper and need to know the name of the act that forced all information about stocks to be made public to everyone, not just clients and analysts. The only legislation that sticks out in my mind is Sarbanes-Oxley but I am sure that's not it.

Thierry Martin
I was watching "Evita"

One song made me feel very, very sad

I found myself singing along

Want you join me?


Together, let's...begin...

(Eva) (Us)
It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
When I try to explain how I feel
That I still need your love after all that you’ve done

You won't believe me
All you will see is a consumer you shamelessly use
But for you I still drive an SUV
At full speed when I can

You had to let it happen, I would not change
Couldn't stay all my life driving some wimp mobile
Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun

So I chose freedom
Running around, trying everything new
But nothing impressed me at all
I never expected it to


Don't cry for me Big Big Oil
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance

And as for frugal, and as for miles
I never invited them in
Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired

They are illusions
They are not the solutions they promised to be
The answer was here all the time
I love you and hope you love me

Don't cry for me Big Big Oil


Thierry Martin
I haven't been paying attention to the news as of late and my mother told me this... "Did you hear what Krammer said the other day?" At this point I thought she was talking about Jim Cramer because she knows I like to watch his show.

"No Mom, what did he say?"

She continued to tell me about the racial tirade that Krammer the actor fired out on Friday. The n-word this, the n-word that.

All the while thinking it was good ole Jim, I said I can't believe he would say that... Oh man that's crazy. He will lose his show, etc, etc. Then I talked about Madmoney and stocks. Finally she corrected me that it was Cosmo Krammer rather than Jim Cramer.

Whew! Still it was pretty damn stupid for this display but it wasn't my Cramer. So shame on the other Krammer.

Reply With Quote

Thierry Martin
Hope you're all gonna be watching tonight as the snowman chops down the maniac. And Matt Hughes shuts up the french canuck.

Thierry Martin
Is there a way to buy oil futures instead of investing in an oil company? I want to cut out the middle man.

I know rookie question. Thanks in advanced.

Thierry Martin

Remember, your library can order these books from other libraries, and if you like one, check out eBay or Amazon for used versions

Oh, make sure to put your name in at your local library for Master Cramer's next book

"Borrow" the book before buying, because as with his current book, most of the info may likely be found at "thestreet.com," so buying it may not be cost effective

Hopefully, this latest work to shill for the next two years won't be a ghost written jobby to add a few more million to his bottom line

"Confessions of a Street Addict" is worth buying, by the way! A true classic! (I am not being cynical)

Thierry Martin
I'd consider this a 'must see tv' type of show. It airs on HBO and exposes the gaping flaws in our voting machines. I did'nt get to see the entire show, but the part about Diebold's software files being found on the net and showing machines that output a different name than was input was very interesting.

Thierry Martin
saw this interesting idea a few weeks back, but the organization had problems with heavy traffic on their website. it looks like its all back up and running-

they basically use pay pal to let individuals make business loans to third world entrepenuers. they have a zero default rate! instead of "feed the children" it is more like "let mom and dad have a shot to feed me without sneaking into your country and getting robbed by western union." i am in no way suggesting you make a loan, but rather post as food for thought with regards to our banking system in general. enjoy!


Thierry Martin

this one is also almost 2 hrs, but perhaps more entertaining since it was written/ produced by Aaron Russo. it is also much newer than the earlier posted "the money masters."

a short bio on Russo: During his career in the entertainment industry, Russo was manager for Bette Midler from 1972 to 1979 and The Manhattan Transfer, and the producer of the films The Rose and Trading Places. He also produced Wise Guys. Russo has stated that he was the first person to book Led Zeppelin in a United States venue, (the "Electric Circus," Chicago,1968, later named the "Kinetic Playground").

official movie link:http://www.freedomtofascism.com/

Russo bio link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Russo

Thierry Martin
I think they should rename comic relief; Republican Bashing would be a much more fitting title. Ironic that they are alienating the group that typically has more disposable income. Now, if they dump everyone on the show other than Robin Williams, they would have a funny show that people like myself wouldn't mind paying for, I was looking for the "this is a paid political advertisement" disclaimer.

Thierry Martin
A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives

November 14th, 2006

To My Conservative Brothers and Sisters,

I know you are dismayed and disheartened at the results of last week's election. You're worried that the country is heading toward a very bad place you don't want it to go. Your 12-year Republican Revolution has ended with so much yet to do, so many promises left unfulfilled. You are in a funk, and I understand.

Well, cheer up, my friends! Do not despair. I have good news for you. I, and the millions of others who are now in charge with our Democratic Congress, have a pledge we would like to make to you, a list of promises that we offer you because we value you as our fellow Americans. You deserve to know what we plan to do with our newfound power -- and, to be specific, what we will do to you and for you.

Thus, here is our Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives:

Dear Conservatives and Republicans,

I, and my fellow signatories, hereby make these promises to you:

1. We will always respect you for your conservative beliefs. We will never, ever, call you "unpatriotic" simply because you disagree with us. In fact, we encourage you to dissent and disagree with us.

2. We will let you marry whomever you want, even when some of us consider your behavior to be "different" or "immoral." Who you marry is none of our business. Love and be in love -- it's a wonderful gift.

3. We will not spend your grandchildren's money on our personal whims or to enrich our friends. It's your checkbook, too, and we will balance it for you.

4. When we soon bring our sons and daughters home from Iraq, we will bring your sons and daughters home, too. They deserve to live. We promise never to send your kids off to war based on either a mistake or a lie.

5. When we make America the last Western democracy to have universal health coverage, and all Americans are able to get help when they fall ill, we promise that you, too, will be able to see a doctor, regardless of your ability to pay. And when stem cell research delivers treatments and cures for diseases that affect you and your loved ones, we'll make sure those advances are available to you and your family, too.

6. Even though you have opposed environmental regulation, when we clean up our air and water, we, the Democratic majority, will let you, too, breathe the cleaner air and drink the purer water.

7. Should a mass murderer ever kill 3,000 people on our soil, we will devote every single resource to tracking him down and bringing him to justice. Immediately. We will protect you.

Thierry Martin
Hey there,

Some of you may already know, but for those who don't, I help run a non profit animal rescue group here in PA, NJ, DE, and MD. We rescue northern breed dogs from local shelters and find them forever homes. We are just coming up on our first year as a rescue and already we have adopted out over 40 dogs.

As with all things, it takes money to run the rescue. We spent over 4K on vet bills on just one dog! We depend on donations and fundraisers to keep doing what we do.

So if anyone wants, feel free to check out our eBay auction, while it is mostly dog related items, you never know who you may need a holiday gift for this year!


You can also check out our main website for info on our group