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  1. Post Your Chart Questions Here
  2. Any good books to read to learn more?
  3. Tips on Stock Market
  4. 11 Attachment(s) ARWR - Arrowhead Research Corp. (NASDAQ Stock)
  5. Industry scans
  6. Charting Support for NinjaTrader Advanced Charting.
  7. Stochastics
  8. Post Your Chart Questions Here
  9. My stockfetcher scans
  10. Apple showing Negative Divergence
  11. Red and Green Volume Bars
  12. candlesticks
  13. Stochastics
  14. assignment for new to charts
  15. Red and Green Volume Bars
  16. Bollinger Bands
  17. Konkorde indicator
  18. Bollinger Bands ATVI
  19. How Much Do/Have You Make/Made?
  20. Red and Green Volume Bars 2
  21. Ninjascript obfuscation problume
  22. Looking for a mentor
  23. Where to begin?
  24. How to use The Quick Summary Post
  25. Introduction
  26. Hello from Canada
  27. Day Light saving time and Charts
  28. introductory trading videos
  29. A newbie who lost 10% of his investment on day 1
  30. Greetings from Germany
  31. What's a good batting avg?
  32. Hello -- New Trader Here
  33. Daily open and close values
  34. New Futures Trader
  35. Not missing the boat...as in how to
  36. my first thread
  37. Reversing forex trading system with no SL and limited TP
  38. The most important technical skill to learn
  39. Reading Forex Factory Calendar
  40. The most important technical skill to learn
  41. Trying to Get at Least 5% Returns...
  42. Debit card fee battle heats up
  43. Does having adequate account size help make a success?
  44. Im a little confused on stocks
  45. List of popular Acronyms used in trading
  46. Gaps in DATA!!!
  47. How to go straight to New Posts
  48. Short term trading - ticks, fills and amount of trades
  49. Hour of Day Period in Strategy Analyzer Question
  50. Trying to Correlate WFO and Optimization Results
  51. Backtest not using all of the data
  52. How to invest directly in stocks listed on the Toronto exchange?
  53. Pairs Trading Add-On?
  54. Blue Parents on Red Kid alert
  55. Mass Recall
  56. Fib with a difference!
  57. Divergence Input series not reloading
  58. Pivot Settings
  59. 'Account Performance' Tab Not Recording Some Trades
  60. A Wyckoff Student Notebook
  61. Value543's Journal -- Deep OTM Credit Spreads & Value Investing
  62. TipTops - Top Picks
  63. Stock Target Price - how high will it go?
  64. Platform alternative to thinkorswim
  65. Asset Allocation for Foundation and Endowment Asset Allocation
  66. Introduce yourself here!
  67. Malaysia
  68. Best contracts to trade with small account?
  69. hello everyone just a newbie with a few questions :)
  70. Rookie needing guidance..
  71. Traders in Toronto area
  72. How to become a successful futures trader
  73. First post; been a member for a while now.
  74. Some insight for new traders
  75. Price Action Learning Strategy
  76. Hi! How do I get started?
  77. Is Trading good for earning extra money?
  78. Have a financial website or blog? Read this now!
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  80. tf down?
  81. Setting the foundations
  82. Fading the Open, backtesting
  83. Traders in Toronto area
  84. Morning Panic - When to react and when Not?
  85. Need help setting up a Bull Put (credit) spread
  86. My Education begins with Penny Stocks... Need Help
  87. Why do you trade?
  88. Questions about commission fees
  89. Mutual Fund Question
  90. Learning fundamental analysis
  91. Relationship between Option Price, Stock Price, and Volatility
  92. Closing an option position when volume is low?
  93. Account Flatten Indicator
  94. Daily open and close values
  95. Getting Started
  96. Trading platform for Imac
  97. New.. is it time for real money??
  98. Range Bar Option for Charting
  99. Bar by bar review of chart
  100. Screenshot tools collection
  101. Market replay data is difficult to plot
  102. how to build RTH / ETH session bars
  103. Between Fear & Greed
  104. Using Interactive Brokers 5 second update data
  105. Data Errors in 06-16 Contracts
  106. Setting the foundations
  107. Screenshot tools collection
  108. Newbie on the block...
  109. Pro Poker no Longer
  110. What should a beginner learn to trade first?
  111. need help !
  112. Trading PA Practice - trading the right edge
  113. extreme low liquidity today -> Rollover days
  114. how to mark unread post read?
  115. Newbie Infopool: Trading PC, Platform, Books
  116. email reply information
  117. BMT is uncharacteristic of the trading community!
  118. A Guide to Trading Systems
  119. What are "points"?
  120. New guy questions on exchanges...
  121. How do you change your handle?
  122. Beginner's question
  123. MACD signals in Market Analyzer
  124. Can multiple timeframes be used in MA?
  125. Market Analyzer Point and Figure
  126. No connecton Ninja Trader
  127. Hello and Beginner question!
  128. Problem connecting to the licnece servers
  129. Improving performance in between strong trend days
  130. Where is the logic behind applying Fibonacci to trading?
  131. Replay Problems
  132. Ignore The 'Experts' And Buy These Stocks
  133. Does data just disappear?
  134. What is the symbol for continuous future contracts
  135. NYSE Open volume froze NT.
  136. FESX Not Loading
  137. Large Number of Parameters
  138. How to invest directly in stocks listed on the Toronto exchange?
  139. Drawing Rays instead of Lines
  140. You have custom NinjaScript files on your PC...
  141. Who has the lowest minimum $ for options trading?
  142. Sharebuilder rips you off on stock prices?
  143. Trade Columns Not Resetting
  144. Now I am a believer in Fibo
  145. Daily data very gappy (continuum)
  146. An Excellent Collection of ST's Posts.
  147. Made my first buy today.
  148. saved fib templetes don't work
  149. Strategy analyzer giving blank results
  150. Can't reload historical data Renko chart
  151. shanghai Composite Index
  152. How do I ask Cramer about a stock???
  153. Brent chart not updating
  154. Analysis Tools
  155. Why is charting so slow with IB?
  156. Chart trader...entering gtc orders?
  157. INR Charts ?
  158. Strategy Debugging, Entry Time, Max losers, profit target check
  159. NT7 vs NT8 chart
  160. Saved Drawings in Ninja8 Tabs
  161. NT7 offset roll
  162. use kinetic as eod data and IB as realtime data
  163. Historical Forex data from FXCM
  164. slippage in futures
  165. Relationship - Data Feed, Platform, Exchange, etc
  166. How to confirm a trending or ranging market?
  167. This Merger Could Mean Returns Of Up To 40%
  168. This Stock Looks Destined For A Quick Drop
  169. Markets Bracing for Brexit
  170. Ignore The 'Experts' And Buy These Stocks
  171. Trade Entry Price
  172. Made my first buy today.
  173. Setting the foundations
  174. Help finding best research resources
  175. NewOrderList - Stop & Limits
  176. Must read article for Multibagger stocks.
  177. Job experiences in Financial markets
  178. I am in a high paying summer internship in WA, but I feel I am being overtaxed [duplicate]
  179. Trading Strategies (Backtested)
  180. Indicator "overlay"
  181. DSTR is Rocking the House!!!
  182. IQ Options Virus issue?
  183. Traveling and trading around the world, your help is welcome
  184. Swing and Intraday Options trading thread
  185. What's your favorite MAC-D combination
  186. Determining which bars are currently on screen
  187. Highly accurate combination of indicators in day trading
  188. Any help will be appreciated
  189. Price and Volume Workshop & City Index Trading Platform Training
  190. supertrend afl......
  191. wolfe wave target 30 min time frame
  192. WD GANN Trading concept
  193. REQ: - The All-Inclusive Harmonic Trading Webinar Package by Scott Carney
  194. Historical Price Data for D1
  195. Exclusive strategy
  196. ForexConnect API with Python
  197. Chart trader panel on the left side
  198. Forex Market Commentary By TitanFX
  199. Demo login with problem
  200. Pec sdk
  201. Daily Technical by AAATrade
  202. Safe, Steady and Market-Beating Dividend Fund
  203. Harness The Power Of Dividends
  204. A Tax-Free Way To Get Higher Yields
  205. # of BARS to look back?
  206. Safe, Steady and Market-Beating Dividend Fund
  207. Avoid The Bubble And Protect Your Portfolio
  208. Consumer Staples ETF Makes for Stable Investment
  209. Forex News Trading – Why should you NOT trade this!
  210. Do You Need Bank Instrument To Fund Your Projects?
  211. Simple explanation of technical analysis
  212. The Only Two Auto Stocks I'd Own Right Now
  213. Fill Up Your Car For $2.14 a Gallon
  214. Is this a Good faith violation?
  215. How Language Defines Our Limits--And Our Opportunities
  216. How To Separate Frustration From Your Trading
  217. Traders Whiteboard - Trading videos show you how to trade
  218. Which Companies are the most capitalised Stocks on the NSE?
  219. What I wish I would have known when I got started.
  220. Why Some Stocks Are Worth Owning 'Forever'
  221. The One Thing To Look For In Any Market
  222. Market Selloff Indicates a ‘Turning Point’ for Stocks, Bonds
  223. ATG FIX test server is down
  224. A Different View Of Stock Market Strength And Weakness
  225. The Reliable Indicator That Signals Triple-Digit Gains
  226. Oil… The Global Currency of Choice
  227. Growing Vietnam Economy Could Overtake China
  228. Forget This BRIC Nation, Once And For All
  229. John Paulson Sells More Delphi Automotive (DLPH)
  230. My Top High-Yield Pick In A Sector Ready To Rally
  231. The Hottest Trend In Electronics Isn't Wearables
  232. 4 Ways To Start Earning Monthly Income Today
  233. Reverse Split brokerage mistake...
  234. Check out this Huge, Well-Managed Emerging Markets Fund
  235. Risk-Appetite Dominates After Japanese Earthquake Concerns Ease
  236. 2 Stocks to Sell Before the Next Financial Crisis
  237. A Valuable Lesson in Estate Planning
  238. Global Central Banks are Easing Further
  239. Is the Market Sitting on a "Margin Bubble?"
  240. Fixed income selection analysis
  241. The Truth about Reverse Mortgages
  242. Positive Day for Our Stocks
  243. A VIXtorious Option Trade
  244. Of Oil Spills, Both Old And New
  245. Is VIX Pricing In The Fiscal Cliff?
  246. In The Week Ahead: Risk/Reward Favors The Bears
  247. AVD, MDGN, PCYC, HP, JOY Among Charts to Watch
  248. Why I'm Buying 600 Shares of this Well-Known Stock
  249. Why US Stocks Are Dirt Cheap
  250. Turkey is on the Menu